Face book Time Line TOS changes Bans Commercial Marketing

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There are several Facebook Product offerings, which have been selling from a variety of sources, many of these promote the use of the cover images, as a method of marketing and branding, since many of these changes are likely fluid over the next 30 days, it is possible that some of these well intentioned, facebook information products may not be entirely accurate concerning what you can and cannot do with a cover.

Here is the latest information from the facebook site, (please read the Terms of use for your self)

Covers may not include:

  • price or purchase information, such as "40% off" or "Download it on socialmusic.com";

I have noticed that there are several, products that instruct users to display branding and or calls to action, (I purchased one of these myself), I feel a little disappointment that the seller did not do their Due, Diligence in researching what can and cannot be done with the new time line.
Seems like a total waste of space, but apparently for now at least you cannot promote, advertise, or direct a user to take any kind of action, (including liking, promoting, advertising, or referencing a promotion)
  • contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page's "About" section;

    So when you look at the above statement, it is almost as if Facebook is starting to "Regulate" how you can use your "Space" I think that if I were a business hoping to reach consumers, I would likely be looking for a different method of reaching consumers and customers, again not really what I expected from the Great, new Facebook

Again it appears that Facebook intends to prohibit the commercial use of this space, seems like a bad move on thier part because there are a lot of business companies that will not see this the same way as face book does.
  • references to Facebook features or actions, such as "Like" or "Share" or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features;

So, again you cannot promote, or direct, or call to action, (a prohibition on any kind of marketing)
  • calls to action, such as "Get it now" or "Tell your friends."

Wow, so, if you look at this you have to say ok so what can I do, if I cant really do any kind of marketing, what good is this?
I see a lot of marketers, talking about how great this is going to be, but from what I can see they must be talking about some other kind of method of marketing because looking at the current Terms of use, there is nothing Good about this.
They have made a statement that people are commenting on this process, and if you want to see a change to how this cover can be used I would encourage anyone to make use of the comment process and let Facebook know that this is a very restrictive and limiting set of rules that will likely result in users migrating over to other social platforms, such as Pinterest, or other more Business friendly environments.

Like so many here I was interested in the new timeline, but to be honest, I really do not care much for this Biography thing, and that is what it is when you take all the opportunity out of it, a online life journal, probably ok for your family, or your kids, but as something that the whole world may see, I just do not "Get this"

Historically biographies are only as interesting as the writers life has been interesting, lets face it most of us lead very "normal" lives, and even though we might enjoy watching a thriller, on TV or the Movies, Most of us are not Jason Borne, or James Bond, were mostly normal marketers, )

One thing for sure this changes everything, and another thing that is obvious many of these "Experts" are not as experienced as they think they are.
Comments, suggestions, ideas, Facebook is really one of the most popular marketing opportunities, it seems counter productive, this close to the companies IPO to make this kind of restrictive Terms and Conditions, who knows perhaps they will change it up and allow marketing in the future but for now, be very aware, if you follow some of the Facebook Guides, that are being sold as WSO products, you will run the very real risk of having your account terminated.
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