What are the fastest ways to grow your list!

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I have been part of the Warrior Forum for a while now, but recently decided to get an account. I thought I would ask a question about something that I have heard a lot recently.

Once you have a squeeze page, what are the best ways to build your list. What are the quickest forms of traffic that work very well for building your list. I understand there is no such thing really as FREE traffic, but what is the best MONEY Free traffic. I don't mind spending time building the traffic, but in your opinion, what is the best type of traffic to begin building my list. I would appreciate any response.


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    Build targeted traffic by building targeted content using blogs and authority sites. Offer something of value, build trust, then offer them to sign up to your list. They will want to find out what other good stuff you can give them so they will likely sign up..

    Hope that helps

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    Depends what market you are in.

    Targeted traffic is always the best. If your in IM niche the highest quality traffic will come from 1st tier PPC networks and solo ad buys from "buyer" list owners.
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    You need to match your squeeze page to your market.

    First you need to know everything about your ideal prospect. Once you do that you will have a better idea where to find traffic because you are now working with a criteria.

    Then you need to test your landing pages. A simple "A/B" split test and tweak it for best conversions.

    Remember to track everything you do...
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    Run some solo ads or run a free WSO....while this isn't free traffic it will definitely give you some pretty targeted traffic fast!
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    i believe solo ads can grow fast and targeted list but it cost some money..if you looking for free then why dont you use video marketing method?
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    Paid traffic is the fastest way, I think. But you need extra budget, for sure
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    There are three ways I have discovered that you can use to build a massive list in a very short period of time. These are:
    Launching 100% commission products or wsos


    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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      Originally Posted by Dann Vicker View Post

      There are three ways I have discovered that you can use to build a massive list in a very short period of time. These are:
      Launching 100% commission products or wsos

      Launching 100% commission products or wsos .. > This is my personal way of building up my list.. What's more, they are buyer list..

      But it has to depend on in your niche and what you're promoting, if you're not in the IM niche.. launching a wso wouldn't do much help.. So if that's the case.. It's probably better to start off with just a simple squeeze page related to your target audience.. and build your list from there..

      Like what most of the posts mentioned:

      You can build your list via

      1) Solo ad - Personally I would highly recommend this: Advertising « Media Center « ArcaMax Publishing

      (NOT Affiliate link)

      You can send a solo-ad to 660,000 subscribers for a thousand bucks.. Remember to ask for at least 6,600 unique clicks..

      2) PPC - I would recommend 7search instead of google and yahoo ppc.

      3) JV list exchange - Never done this before.. probably you would want to get some help w this..

      Hope this help,
      God bless you..

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    Offer some free + valuable content (ebooks/videos/audios) in your squeezepage is very crucial.

    I have a free ebook here about list building, you can download it for free (no opt in required)
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    give away 100% commisions on a good product...a kick ass product, and you will build a list of buyers.

    A list of BUYERS is about 10000000000 times better than a list of freebie seekers, and remember other people are building this list of BUYERS for you, even when you are asleep. Now then that means you are GENERAL in the ARMY and not a chit kicker SOLIDER in the TRENCHES!

    This single piece of advice has probably made me thousands and thousands of dollars...so go back and read it over again....until it sinks in.

    Yes you have to give away 100% commissions, but you can sell this list other stuff, and affiliate stuff again and again. This is how the big boys do it, but never tell you. I just gave it away for free. So you all owe me a beer or something!!!
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    I can't say this is the money traffic, but the most targeted traffic is search engines traffic, because people are looking for you, not the other way around...

    There's a famous saying, "Entrepreneurship is about living a few years of your life like most won’t, so that you can live the rest of your life like most can’t."

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