When is knowing enough, enough?

by ktlasm
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Hi Team,

Let me get straight to it...I've been in the marketing game for a few years now and have had my share of success and mishaps. But, when I started in 2002 with online marketing I don't remember so much information being available. My question is, how do you know that what you're learning is enough to get started without having the fear of "do I know enough". This question was actually posed too me in the form of a statement. Your thoughts?

Peace & Tranquility!
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    Hmm, hard question? In my opinion you know enough when you start making money. It is not important how much. When you earn your first dollars your know that you are on the right way.

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  • "Knowing enough" is "enough" when you begin to realize that this " Enough" that you know isn't making you money enough. So all you have to do -- like TMG enterprises puts it -- "know enough" to make your first few dollars. From there, you will be on your own; dancing to success tunes.
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    "Information accumulation" is like body building contest. You grow and occasionally look into mirror on your "intellectual" muscles but never actually do anything useful with them otherwise.

    I escaped this loop last year and put first product on sale. Once it happened - I unsubscribed from all email hype and trash from gurus and listened more to what my customers are saying.

    After all why you should listen to people who want to take you money, instead of listening to people who want to give you money?

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    You can never know too much information. When you are working for yourself, the more you know the more opportunities you can create. When you are working at a company for someone else, knowing just enough to get the job and to stay employed seems to be good enough for 99% of the population.
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