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I would like some advice as to what is a good, simple, easy to use Password Generator / Password Manager.

I would appreciate hearing from you about any that you have used and whether you feel they are good value or not.

Thanks for your help.

Robbie T
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    I use lastpass, but roboform is probably the more popular one.

    I had trouble with roboform on my chrome browser.

    Also, lastpass has an ipad app that syncs. So it works well for me.
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    I usually use something like Strong Password Generator and then scramble the password output they give.

    I personally would never trust a password manager. I use a spreadsheet for ones I don't need to remember that is on a volume encrypted with truecrypt. Allowing an online password manager to sync/store passwords might be good for some people, but I don't trust them.

    I'm definitely a fan of multi-factor.
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    The reality is that using any reasonably random password prevents the average hackers. But if your systems are truly compromised, it won't really matter how many characters your password is, it will be right there plain as day for anyone to see.

    Then you have key loggers that get onto your system, which again means it won't matter how strong your password is.

    The password strength stuff is more about keeping the honest people honest than actually preventing a fairly determined person from getting at your stuff.
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    I second the lastpass recommendation! Been using it for ages, never had any problems.
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    I use lastpass as well.

    You don't want to click here --> Richard Arblaster

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    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I appreciate it.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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      I've used both Roboform and LastPass, and I'll have to go with LastPass here. I believe LastPass can do just about everything Roboform can do - if not more - and it is 100% free!

      Well there is a premium version you can pay for, but I've had no reason to upgrade as the free version works very well, and is simply awesome for my needs.

      LastPass is definitely my LASTPASSword manager.
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    I use Roboform and it's worked fine for me.
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    I use 'RoboForm' , but it's a paid one, If get Roboform, go for the 'everywhere' version.

    Best free one to look at is 'KeePass'

    Hope that helps =)
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    I use LastPass since 2010 and until now I'm satisfied with their service
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