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Hey guys,

In the past I've used powerpoint when making my videos, however there's no way to really in bed them in a web page (that I can find). Is there any other software out there someone can recommend? Ideally I would like to find something where I can share my screen to show the steps of what I'm teaching.

What do you guys use when making videos?

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    Your title says "video making software", but your post describes something quite different. Here is a solution for your for your embedding issue >

    Upload your finished video to Youtube, select "UNLISTED" (as described here) if you want, and paste the embed code they provide for you on to your webpage where you want the video to be displayed.
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    You could try Sony Vegas Pro. I think it's a great software and has great capabilities. You can do really advanced things, and very basic things to suit your needs. If you don't want to invest some money, then even simply go for Windows Movie Maker/iMovie or try some free video editing software.

    Good luck.
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      You have two options.

      1) You record your powerpoint presentations using either Camtasia or Jing and create a Video file such as mp4 and then either host in on your own site, or youtube, You can also host on Vimeo, screencast or AmazonS3 and then embed the code on your site

      2) You can use on online presneter like, or
      hope this helps
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    have you try camtasia?
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    screen cast o matic is awesome bro google it
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      Originally Posted by NACAdam View Post

      screen cast o matic is awesome bro google it
      That's what I use too for the most part. After trying Jing and Camstudio, I found Screen Cast O Matic and eventually paid the annual member fee. It's so worth it!!
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    Camtasia is a good software for your purpose, but it is a little expensive. They offer a free trial, so you may give it a shot.
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    I have camtasia studio brilliant only cost me a few bucks for licence,pm me if you would like to know where to get licence legally.
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    Screenium 2.0 to record your presentations ~ has the added advantage of zooming in on clicks for emphasis and increases motion (holds attention).

    AmazonS3 to host your videos ~ fast streaming cloud network, and you keep the rights to your stuff unlike youtube.

    EZS3 for creating badass players ~ after video opt-ins, auto plays, etc., and for of course getting your embed codes.
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    1- to make your video, just use the free video movie maker on your PC

    2- to embed the video, upload them on Youtube and get the code

    3- to make a tutorial video, use CAMSTUDIO. It's totally FREE (just Google it)

    Hope that help.
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    Use a free software called "Camstudio".
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    I recommend either camstudio the free software or Camtasia which is paid but can demo it free for 30 days.
    Just my 2c
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    I am suing Camtasia Studio software. It is really a very good and powerful tool. You can create your tutorial using this tool. It will record your screen with the movement of your mouse. You also will be able to show your mouse clicks with various effects.
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    If your just wanting to record the Powerpoint presentation, then go with Camtasia. Its the best for that in my opinion. There's actually Powerpoint to video converting software.
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    There's also editing features in Camtasia which is really easy to work.
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    I used a mixture of Jing for quick videos I don't need to edit or add text to, and screencast for videos that need editing.
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    I use Camtasia for Mac and really like it. My brother ran across another (Mac-based) video product. I haven't tried it personally but he likes it. Here's a link for it: Voila - A complete screen capture and image editing tool for Mac OS X

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