Basic Questions in Regards to Starting a List of Subscibers

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I know the money is in the list and I've had great intentions of building a list ever since I began this IM venture more than a year ago. Problem I've been building Amazon Product Review pages that don't really lend them self too well to list building (they make me $$ on Amazon but nothing in regards to list-building)

So now I ask you, Warrior Forum:

How Should I begin?

I'm assuming a personal blog would work best for this type of plan.

1. Do I pick the niche based off personal interests first?

2. Or do I find a common problem a lot of folks seem to be dealing with try to address it, then build my site off that problem and like situations (ex: building self-esteem, how to stop crab grass from ruining a lawn, dog aggression methods)

I want to start this thing and do it right, but i don't know whether the chicken or the egg comes 1st (so to speak)
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