HELP : How to rebrand ebooks in webserver level ?

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Hi !

I want to install a solution in my site to rebrand automatically my ebooks with my affiliate's information.

I want that some one buy my ebooks from an affiliate of mine, i want that the download rountine automaticly introduce the affiliate info in the PDF ebook in a way that my client have the pdf automatically rebranded with affiliate's link that send this client to me.

every thing made automatically and at webserver level.

any one can give me some light on this subject ?

my site is in PHP in linux server.

PS: sorry my lausy english , it's not my mother language.

Best regards
Silvio Fortunato
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    Check this site out. Their stuff will do what you need but it's not that cheap.
    Setasign :: Products - PHP / PDF solutions and content management with SiteSupra

    I use the "LinkReplacer" api to rebrand links with the affiliate's link on the fly. A person clicks on a link and the PDF is automatically rebranded and the PDF opens in the user's browser. Completely seemless.

    No rebranders to download or no converting html to pdf or stuff like that.

    I also ended up using their "encrypter" api to set the permissions on the PDF, without it the PDF will have no security permissions on it.

    As for the technical side of things, I'm not sure. I had my programmer set everything up. BUt it does work with PHP
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      Many thks for your help, i already check theire site, i just have one question, theire API routine only change links or we can change any string in the text, for example in the origin pdf we put %%affiliatename%% %%affiliatesite%% %%afiliatelink%% for example and then we replace this strings for the affiliate info.

      did you know that other type of strings diferent from hiperlinks can be changed ?

      once again many thks for your preciouse help

      silvio fortunato
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