How to get 10 list subscribers per day (Using free white-hat methods)?

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I know, it's a modest amount...but it's better than nothing at all. If I can get 10 subscribers a day, I know I can scale it up by doing more of the "right thing."

Experienced warriors, if you were starting from scratch, what would you do to get just a handful (let's say about 10) subscribers to your autoresponder list per day?

Free, white-hat methods preferably. Just hoping to generate a helpful discussion here.
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    it's easy to get 10 list,share your site on twitter ect.
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    If you have to do only one thing to grow your subscribers, let it be guest blogging.

    i. Approach blogs that get 20-30 comments per post. (Because without accurate analytics data, comments is a good way to estimate the traffic a blog receives.)

    ii. Pitch a guest post idea to them.

    iii. Write an awesome bio line. Offer a free goodie from the bio.

    iv. Get people to visit your website, and subscribe to get the free goodie.

    Spend the first hour of the day writing a guest post.
    And the second hour finding and approaching new bloggers. And networking with them.

    How to find new guest blogging opportunities?

    i. Ask the blogger you already wrote a guest post for - to connect you with someone else.

    ii. Find folks on twitter. Hint: find a relevant list on twitter and you'll find 10-30 awesome people within 10 minutes.

    iii. Put in the name of a popular blog in your niche in the "Google Doubleclick Adplanner tool" - and see the "Sites also visited" column:

    This one strategy. Two hours a day. You'll not only grow your subscriber list - but will also become well known in your niche. And leads to awesome networking with awesome influential folks that can lead to huge dividends in the future too.

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