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Hey guys,

As you probably see i'm new to the forum and i'm also new to the online marketing business. About three weeks ago i've decided to buy two courses from established marketeers and go for it. Launched three sites, different niches to test. One of the sites ranks 3rd on googles 2nd page for that particular keyword, and even though i've repeated the same process for the other two sites they are nowhere to be found on google and have no visitors.

To make matters worse even the site that ranks the highest of three has between 0-3 visitors daily. I've built backlinks, social bookomarks, written articles on hubpages and ezine but i just cant see any effect on the already non-existing traffic. Even the visitors that show up on google analytics seem to stay on the sites for 25-40 seconds.

Are there any tips or advice you can give me to atleast increase the flow of traffic to the sites? The morale has dropped like a brick but i really don't want to give up on this... :S

I appreciate your input!
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    Brian I'm new too and actually saw my traffic triple (calm down, it went from 10 people per day to 35-40) in the past week by getting on forums and putting my site link in my forum signature.

    Not sure if that works for every niche but it worked for me so far.

    Interested though to see what the IM masters say here because it's rough starting out.
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    It seems like you are expecting too quick results. Most SEO companies don't expect results until 3-6 months into a contract, why do you expect results within 3 weeks?

    Specifically to what you are experiencing:

    1. 0-3 visitors daily. Your traffic efforts are not working yet. This could be both on-page SEO and off-page efforts have not been done right and/or have to wait to get results.

    2. Visitors staying for 25-40 seconds. Not good enough content, or relevant to your SEO efforts.

    Tips to increase flow of traffic:

    1. Make a site that has good content. Think logically, why do you spend plenty of time on sites? Because you get a benefit from it. Could also be an indication that you don't know the market well enough. Some markets for instance likes lots of pictures, have a particular languages, or are looking for a particular type of content.

    2. Link with other sites that has good traffic if it is in their interest to link with you. Again it comes down to content.

    Apart from that you seem to be doing all the popular "right" things. Just hang in there. It's not supposed to be easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

    Bjarne Viken
    Conversion Strategist

    Skype: bjarne.viken | bjarne@scaleup.com.au | LinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/in/bjarneviken | http://www.scaleup.com.au | Free consultation: http://calendly.com/bjarne-viken

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    Welcome to IM.

    You have just learned your first lesson. What the teachers will teach you is a guidlines and never as they say "step-by-step to success guide". Its just how it is. Now that you know the overall principles you need to dig deeper into every subject.

    Just like an architect can not build a house just with his design and planning skills (he needs to learn pluming, framing, foundation setting, carpentry etc.) so are you have to now learn the art of SEO.

    Its a huge subject in itself and encompasses other big subjects within itself like
    On page seo
    Off page seo
    Types of back linking and content.

    There is a lot to learn if you want to do all yourself. If I may suggest be the architect and hire the framers , plumbers etc.
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    Originally Posted by BrianJasse View Post

    Hey guys,

    As you probably see i'm new to the forum and i'm also new to the online marketing business. About three weeks ago i've decided to buy two courses from established marketeers and go for it. Launched three sites, different niches to test. One of the sites ranks 3rd on googles 2nd page for that particular keyword, and even though i've repeated the same process for the other two sites they are nowhere to be found on google and have no visitors.

    To make matters worse even the site that ranks the highest of three has between 0-3 visitors daily. I've built backlinks, social bookomarks, written articles on hubpages and ezine but i just cant see any effect on the already non-existing traffic. Even the visitors that show up on google analytics seem to stay on the sites for 25-40 seconds.

    Are there any tips or advice you can give me to atleast increase the flow of traffic to the sites? The morale has dropped like a brick but i really don't want to give up on this... :S

    I appreciate your input!
    Hey Brian,

    Ya we've all been there man. It can be hard to generate traffic to niche sites and ranking in Big G can be unpredictable at the best of times ...

    If you trying to get targeted traffic there a few things you can do... One would be to go and hang out where your target audience is i.e. join relevant forums of you niche. Get involved and have a link in your signature back to your site.

    It is a bit arduous and can take time. But perseverance is key so try and plan out what you want to do and then tear into and give yourself every chance to succeed. Good luck with it.
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    Being anywhere on the 2nd page of Google will get you very little traffic. You really need to get on the first page.

    The other sites might not be ranking as well because the keyword competition can be tougher. Also, it takes time for rankings to appear - its possible the one site just hit Googles search results faster. You might have pages on the other sites that are not indexed yet.

    The key is to just keep at. Keep adding quality content, keep creating links and the rankings will continue to improve.

    If you have any specific questions just ask and I'm sure we can give some more guidelines to improve a ranking depending on where you stand now, but we'll need more detailed information.
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    All I have to say is IM is a marathon not a sprint.
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      Originally Posted by Tadresources View Post

      All I have to say is IM is a marathon not a sprint.
      Well put. Yes, it does take time.

      Hi Brian,

      I can suggest a few things if you'd like to boost your site's traffic and help your business grow:

      1) Join the chatter. Find out where you're markets hang out. Forum's, blog's, video sites. Show up and interact with them, without trying to sell. And make sure you are building up your subscriber list -- by offering some killer free info.

      2) Share some videos. There are video sharing sites online that are very powerful ways in which you can share your story.

      3) Article marketing is starting to lose it's strength. Since the Google Panda update, articles no longer hold the same strength they once did to get you ranked. Its a good idea to use the main directories anyway, but get diversified.

      4) Use: search.twitter.com to see what your audience is speaking about, and begin to interact with them.

      5) Networking. Make some partnerships with people already in your niche offering something unique to their visitors. Think about creating a valuable free webinar or teleseminar.

      All the best!


      "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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        I've recently resumed my efforts around my site in the book niche. Nine months ago, I had a pretty neat process how to rank my article (for which I did a careful keyword research) and it was also the first time I actually managed to create a site with 200 uniques/daily & growing.

        Then I let it be and focused on other projects, just to return a week ago. I thought I'll just resume my routine (I have a list of ~2k book blogs which I use for comments, then there are forums, submitting to a few art. directories etc.) and yet - when I started to make backlinks again, my site has been immediately moved down in pretty much all rankings and the articles I gave the push for disappeared completely.

        A reason to panic? Not really. It's been 1 week and that's how Google tests whether the new link input is for real or not (at least that's what I think). All I have to do is to resume a somewhat steady stream of new content, keep the routine up and try to become engaged in the niche to get natural links as well.

        It is indeed possible to make "$25,246.25" in 1 hour - provided you're the top industry member with years and years invested in creating a list of vivid buyers. Other than that, it takes months or even years before you can look back and say "I have a working and established website".

        ppcsluzby.cz/en - PPC agency

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    If SEO is your main form of traffic then you are literally depending the Google gods to shine light on you. SEO is by far the most competitive form of traffic because you are competing with hundreds of thousands to millions of sites for 10 spots. Don't get me wrong you can get a lot of targeted traffic from SEO.

    My point is Google has algorithms that are constantly changing and evolving. The first 3 slots on the top 10 ranking get the bulk of the views. If your not ranking its a matter of age of domain, lack of backlinks, SEO on page and off page optimization and other factors.

    Take a look at the top 3 inside of market samurai and see what the behind the scenes stats are. In the meantime diversify your traffic sources. If you want to play SEO at the big boys level then you will need the tools that the big boys use. Xrumer, SEnuke, Bookmarking Demon, Linkvana, Traffic Geyser, Article marketing robot are just a few.
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    Hey I started out with a business in a box type model just for practice and it worked I made money with yahoo ppc, I went on forums and found a bunch of free paid advertising vouchers ... So basically I didn't have to write the copy or do much to set up a payment processor , build a site none of that .. It was good practice and now I can do all of that stuff ....Just an idea
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    If you just launched the site 3 weeks ago, don't even worry about SEO. Try to focus more on referral traffic from forums, videos and social media sites.

    SEO only really kicks in at the 3 month point in a site's age, as has been said by other replies in this thread.

    No signature here today!

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      hey it takes some time, to get a good flow of traffic to your site... im guessing you have pinged your site so that google know that your site exists.

      forum marketing is quite powerful and underestimated, if done correctly you can have good number of traffic.

      your content has got to be valuable and provides solutions to problems within your market. Solutions that your market are looking for in order to buy from you. So your content is very important. Dont expect miracles but give it at least anywhere between 3-4 months at least to start seeing results ...

      but dont expect large results, reasonable results but once you understand the process from then on its a rinse and repeat method.

      As the saying goes, " you have to crawl before you can walk" we all start from there .... excellent though you aint giving up thats a sign that your willing to go thru the pain, and heartache ... this forum is excellent for help and advice

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    Got video on the pages? Helps lengthen visitor stickiness, which among so many things is important to Google.

    Good luck,

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    Hi Brian,
    Hang in there, it isn't easy, but it IS worth it when you get it right.
    A couple of points I would like to impart to you, hopefully you'll find them helpful.

    - Getting on Google page #1 IS NOT 'the" key to success - you need to be in the top 2 positions for the majority of niches to make any sort of money.

    - There are MANY who sell "1st Page" ranking guarantees, but the truth is you can more than likely get there your self with some back-linking.

    - It's the Position #1 and #2 you want! Position#1 will give you more than double the traffic of Position#2 but is MUCH harder to get then a #2 spot. (although this is niche dependent)
    - There are MANY peoples website that rank on Position #1 and they make little or NO money.

    - The reason for this is that there just isnt enough commercial intent to those keywords, meaning that there isn't anyone actually "Paying" to get traffic to that keyword or keyword phrase.

    - I think that is the number one error we make when picking niches and a simple way to check this "commercial intent" or potential profitability is to just do a search on Google or Yahoo or Bing and see how many "Paid advertisements" there are for that keyword!

    - If there are no ads, it means there is no interest and no interest would equate to you not making any money when and if you ever rank for that keyword/phrase. (lots of work-no money-not fun)

    - "Competition is a GOOD thing, it means there is money to be made. Finding those keywords that have lighter competition is still very doable but does take time to learn how to do it correctly.

    I wont go into quality back-linking and content as that comes after you lay the correct foundation to your site as mentioned already and once you have done that, then you can create quality content and quality back-links.

    - You could also try buying aged domains as this WILL really help in ranking, but is too long a discussion for this thread, although it's where I have had most of my success. : )

    I wish you the very best of luck!

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    Try out TKA (www.thekeywordacademy.com). Really cheap and really good for rookies!
    w w w . SCRIBERR . c o m

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    I think patience is the key but by all means make sure the sites are optimised and linked correctly.
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    It took me 8 months to start getting traffic about 100 a day now.
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    One of our sites get 2000 UV a day...and all we do is article syndication.

    With traffic there is more than one way to skin a cat....always remember that.

    It comes down to testing too. If you are getting sales and conversions with one or 2 tactics, then continue to use them.

    Normally with your niches, one traffic sources always outpulls the others. So when we are testing we try to find the best one. Then upscale and outsource. With most of our clickbank products we are syndicating articles and guest posting on high traffic blogs and then getting all the traffic to an optin page so we can market to them again and again. As the money is in the list.

    We hardly rely on SEO anymore, as our article syndication is working so well. But again I say to you, there is always more than one way to skin a cat...and that comes with alot of testing, so get cracking!
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    Stick at it, experiment, read warrior forum articles.
    Stick at it
    Stick at it

    I have been doing IM since 2007. In my first two years I made a loss!
    If you are determined, you will make it.
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    If you are pulling your pulling your hair out already, plan on being bald.

    Visit My website http://kipferguson.com

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      Brian, I'm a step ahead of you. I completely believe in helping people to your level, so they can move beyond it. I am small beans, but I get 4000+ visitors per month. On average 150 per day. It's quite by accident, really.

      Here's my setup:
      --WordPress -- it indexes quickly and tends to rank higher
      --All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress -- this is an easy way to add metadata to your pages and posts.
      --Frequent updates...and by frequent, I mean about once a week for right now

      I don't even pay attention to where I am in the search engines or what page. All I know is I get traffic from them based on search terms. My analytics tell me so. Make sure you use an analytics system that is NOT Javascript based like Google Analytics. You can still use Google, just use a backup in addition, so you catch the traffic that is blocked by users who disable Java on their browsers. I use a PHP based plugin for WordPress in addition to Google Analytics.

      That's it, and my traffic is on a steady incline. November 2011, I hit 3000 visitors...now I'm at just over 4000. You can do this. It ain't gonna be easy. Get out your stick-toativeness. Do your research. Prepare to be up all hours. You can do this and it will be worth it in the end! Good luck!!!
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    Keep at it! The fact that you are taking action puts you on the right track. Keep learning and applying and you will see the results
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    Like some have said, video is a big plus - people enjoy watching videos and it will keep them on your site longer, which will help decrease your bounce rate. SEO is how I get most of my traffic, but it does take a while to get up there, especially in highly competitive keywords. So just be patient. If you're looking to make money faster, try marketing your services to others while you're waiting for your sites to rank well.

    Blog Coach | Social Media Manager | Learn about Blogging -- OnBloggingWell.com

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      You've made a classic mistake made by most people hoping to make money in IM.

      1. Although it SEEMS logical, putting up different sites in different niches to "test", it's a horrible idea.

      Most niches (unless they're really obscure) are good niches. People tend to shy away from competition and instead waste their time searching for "untapped" niches. An untapped niche is an illusion, period.

      There's nothing new under the sun, so forget about "discovering" an "untapped" niche. Well-populated niches are populated for a reason. And there's room for everyone.

      2. IM is time-intensive. Building multiple sites in multiple niches only dilutes your time and effort. Also, don't make the mistake a lot of Warriors make: don't think in terms of a site. You're building A BUSINESS. Pick ONE niche, ONE target market and ONE business model and become an authority in that niche! (See below.)

      3. Don't focus on Google for all (or even the majority) of your traffic! There are DOZENS AND DOZENS of ways to get traffic without any help from Google. Google is very fickle. If you build your business based on what Google gives you, you're in a world of hurt the second they change their algorithm.

      Personally, my goal is to be as independent of Google as possible. I look at Google as the icing on the cake and nothing more.

      Clarity is a HUGE part of IM success.

      IM is actually pretty simple: you can sell only one of two things:

      1. Products
      2. Services

      That's it!

      And selling products or services online happens in the same basic way for everyone, no matter what they're selling:

      Traffic > Opt-in page > Autoresponder series (or e-zine) > Sales page

      That's it! It's just that simple. (We IMers tend to overcomplicate things.)

      But no matter what your niche is, or whether you're selling a product or a service, do you know what your business model is?

      A business model is the framework or skeleton of your business. Essentially there are three types of online business models:

      1. Membership-based model

      A membership-based business model allows you to build a community of people (your members) who are as passionate about your subject as you are. Your membership fees can be monthly or annual, but either way, you're building recurring, passive income.

      There are a lot of resources and information out there to help you build a membership-based business if you're interested in doing this.

      2. Product-based model

      Selling products allows you to maximize your time and effort by selling items over and over again. This can be hard goods or it can be information products. Information marketing is it's own business model under the product-based model. Information marketing allows you to take your brain to the bank by creating a product ONCE based on what you know and selling it over and over again.

      Affiliate marketing falls under both models. You can choose to market either products or services as an affiliate.

      3. Service-based model

      Selling services can be great for 1) generating quick cash (as in the case of article writing or video producing) and 2) establishing your expertise and getting testimonials.

      However, in the long run, your goal should be to offer services at a PREMIUM. The biggest advantage of IM is LEVERAGE. You're able to leverage your time, money and expertise exponentially online. We all have just 24 hours each day. Time to get ruthless about what you expect for those hours you spend in IM each day. Expect more of yourself and more from your business friends, clients, partners, etc.

      What results are you getting for those hours you spend online each day? Ultimately, your services should be at the bottom of your funnel and cost the most since they involve your time and personal attention. (We all have a limited amount of time each day.)

      The fun (and confusion) comes in with all of the endless mix-and-match possibilities of the above models. If you're just starting or still struggling to make money, keep it simple:

      Pick just ONE!

      1. Pick ONE niche. (Something you're interested in and know something about.)

      2. Pick ONE target market for your product or service. (Who will buy what you're offering? The more specific you are, the more you narrow it down, the more successful you'll be.)

      3. Pick ONE business model.

      Now that you're clear about what business you're in, FOCUS! (And stop buying any info not related to your niche and target market, period!)

      F -- Follow
      O -- One
      C -- Course
      U -- Until
      S -- Successful

      And remember: build a list, Build a List, BUILD A LIST!

      In IM, it's easy to put the cart before the horse. Take a deep breath, step back and consider what type of business you're REALLY want. Don't worry about getting traffic or buying that expensive traffic product until you know 1) what your business model is, 2) what niche you're in and 3) WHO your target market is!

      Successful business people will tell you that MARKETING is more than half the effort that's needed for success anyway. So pick a niche, target market and business model. Then spend most of your time and effort marketing it.

      If you DON'T have a solid plan or system, THAT'S when it's hard. A good system will shave YEARS (and save you big $$$) off of your learning curve

      That's why I recommend investing in at least one good, comprehensive IM course (or mentor who will give you such a system) instead of jumping from one $37 e-book to the next. A lot of people here complain about not being able to make any money. But neither are they willing to invest in their business. (Buying a random bunch of $37 e-books doesn't count.)

      The best thing I ever did was invest in a comprehensive IM course aimed at REAL business owners, not just other IM wannabes. Yes it was $1500. (It's no longer available.) But it was truly some of the best A-Z IM info I ever bought. Everything else I've learned (from the $37 e-books) since has simply been plugged into this system.

      Get a solid plan or system and then work the plan!

      Hope this helps!

      "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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    Learn how to market online using a ton of free marketing techniques - and dont rely solely on advertising (not that i'm accusing you of only using advertising... it was just a tip).

    Have you set up a squeeze page and autoresponder to capture leads? If not, then you should start here, then promote your product to the leads in your list.
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    I cant express how much your replies mean to me everyone! What a support! Thank you so much!

    Nightengale / Michelle: When my IM efforts start to roll i'll make sure to remember who cleared the woods for me when i was on the verge of quitting. Thanks a bunch, owe you a big one!
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      Originally Posted by BrianJasse View Post

      Nightengale / Michelle: When my IM efforts start to roll i'll make sure to remember who cleared the woods for me when i was on the verge of quitting. Thanks a bunch, owe you a big one!
      You're very welcome!

      It's so simple -- but so complicated when you don't know it. It was my mentors OFF the WF that pointed out these models to me.

      There will always be scammers. But believe me, not everyone is a scammer. Problem is, the worst thing scammers do to you isn't taking your money. It's killing your dreams and belief in yourself and your dreams.

      Stealing my money is forgiveable. Stealing my dreams and belief in them isn't.

      I've been there. I truly "get it." So my heart breaks when I see Warriors who are honestly trying and want to make it it work feeling disullusioned.

      Pssssttt! IM DOES work! And you really CAN make a good living doing what you love while creating positive change in others' lives through what you do.

      But at the end of the day, it's still a BUSINESS and you need to be smart about it and TREAT IT LIKE A BUSINESS.

      It's not a hobby or a lottery ticket. It's a BUSINESS.

      I'm glad I could help! This random Internet stranger believes in you and I look forward to seeing your success and clapping for you at your parade.

      Wishing for your success,
      "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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    Your first mistake was 3 different niches... Choose 1 and focus on it until it's a winner and has great momentum before going to the next.

    I did this (focused on 1 website in 1 niche) for 12 months and generated a low 6 figure income.
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    What program did you buy? You probably ended up getting words with low exact match searches so your targeted traffic was never high to begin with.
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      I started with Google Sniper 2.0 after which i ranked 3rd on google 2nd page with my initial site. This was just a pure test to see if one can get ranked fairly high in the amount of time they promise and behold, i could.

      Next step for me was to see if the traffic would come, and no it didnt The traffic that did land on the site did not click through to clickbank but i guess this was a content-quality question.

      After that i got One Week Marketing by Jennifer Ledbetter and even though her strategy does make sense, article writing is something that i am planning to outsource since it can be done for a fairly small amount of money.

      The second site is doing better with visitors But is no where to be seen on google (?) Also here no clickthroughs to clickbank and although i am offering free material, the list remains empty. I guess tweaking and persistence is key here as well.

      P.S. Is it allowed to post links to your own website here without being considered a spammer?
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    I'll keep it short. SEO/IM isn't a get rich scheme. It's going to take a while before you're earning (How long depends on yourself). Don't waste your time buying guides. There is more than enough good information out there if you google. I will commend you on one thing; the fact you're taking action so early on!

    Keep trying though, you can only really fail with SEO if you give up.

    Try researching other link building methods, such as: wikis, web 2.0s, directories, blog comments...
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    You can promote some Keywords to 1st page of Google and Bing. You can also blog submissions, Forum posting, Blog comments and Forum posting.
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      Having done SEO for several years, I would actually recommend you stay away from trying to pull organic traffic to your site for now.

      I'm guessing that even with a well executed plan you're still only going to get a slow trickle of traffic from search engines which will not be a good enough test pool to examine conversions.

      I highly recommend using youtube since it works for almost any market/niche. Make a couple dozen videos and you'll see traffic coming to your site.

      Additionally, I recommend you collect the leads coming to your site to market to them over time.

      You're not likely to make direct sales, as even with targeted traffic you might only pull in a sale every 100+ clicks/visits. But once you collect their emails you can slowly persuade them to buy your offer.

      From what you've written so far, it sounds like you have taken the hard route. SEO isn't nearly as easy as it once was. Youtube is a monster for traffic and with enough videos you can pull in targeted traffic pretty easily, and it only grows over time.
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