Just Purchased Apple iMac! Questions?

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I'm quite new to this iMac and was wondering if I can still run certain programs on this? I have Micro Niche Finder, Senuke x, Market Samurai, and many others. Anybody that owns a iMac or Apple computer let me know what is good tools and what I can use and can not.

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    You need an emulator software (I think that's what it's called) like VMWare Fusion.


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    I would use VirtualBox and run a copy of Windows XP.
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    I use vmware for those Windows apps and it works well. You can also use the built in Bootcamp to run Windows native.
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    Welcome to the Mac family! I use Parallels and run Windows XP. It's a bit slow, but it works. Market Samurai runs on a Mac -- there are a lot of Mac versions for many programs we use in marketing, such as Camtasia.

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    You can run bootcamp, virtualbox, vmware fusion or parallels on Mac.

    Bootcamp no longer supports windows xp.

    Vmware, Virtualbox, and Parallels can run windows xp.
    I would recommend Windows 7 since you can use more than 3.5 gigs of ram with the 64 bit version. My imac has 24 gigs of ram and I have 8 of it dedicated to a Parallels windows 8 (consumer preview) box. Runs really smooth on it.

    Also if you do not want to run a virtual pc, you can use crossfire, which allows you to windows programs in osx without the need of a virtual pc. Crossfire is not free and does not guarantee to work with all programs.
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