Internet Marketing Is About Two Simple Things...

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Hi folks,
Something to maybe help out the guys that are a little overwhelmed with internet marketing.

For me, it all comes down to 2 things.

Traffic & Conversions.

Hold on.......I know it sounds ridiculously simple, but think about it for 2 seconds.
No matter what aspect of online marketing you are doing, it comes down to those two things....traffic and conversions.

Realizing this has helped me really simplify things, especially when I've become overwhelmed in the past.

Whenever I am working, I like to think that I am either working on traffic, or I am working on converting that traffic.

So if I'm building backlinks, setting up a PPC campaign etc, I'm working on traffic. I am driving highly targeted traffic to my offer.

If I'm building a new site, looking for a new product to offer from Amazon, tweaking my review page, putting up a new squeeze page, I am working on conversions. I am focusing on what that traffic is going to see.

That's it. I am either working on traffic or I am working on conversions.

If you're new to the game and you can remember this and focus on it every single day, you will be miles ahead of the rest.

It's stupidly simple when you really think about it. There are literally millions of users on the internet, that want to buy something. All you are doing is matching up that traffic with an offer and then converting it.

Your goal is to setup as many profitable "Traffic/Conversion" scenarios as possible.

This was just something I've been thinking a lot about recently and I thought it might help.

All the best
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    And when you are creating a product, are you then working on traffic or conversions?
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    • Originally Posted by Arroway View Post

      And when you are creating a product, are you then working on traffic or conversions?
      I'd say conversions because at the end of the day if they aren't sold on it they will return it for a refund
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      Originally Posted by Arroway View Post

      And when you are creating a product, are you then working on traffic or conversions?
      I think the statement still stands. Even when you're in the product creation phase your main concern is a product that will garner interest (traffic) and a product that people will buy (conversions).
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    Yes, traffic and conversions are the two core pillars. But, they have several steps to them and in some cases it's hundreds of steps.

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    Very true, though of course there are a ton of important steps that go into IM as well. I do think that everything basically boils down to these two key motivators though.
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    It's true, of course. Maybe a little bit forced, like forcing the 4 elements to all things in nature.
    I'd add "product" as the third element here, being the gate between traffic and conversions.
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    I support the fact that Marketing in internet mainly depends on two things such as traffic and conversions because traffic is the quantity which increases with respect to the number of views and conversion is the term which depends on the currency in which the product is sold and the price of the
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    Traffic is the most important thing required to succeed online, PERIOD! Surely, the conversions are important too, but not as important as traffic. Without traffic you make NOTHING, even if you have the best ever made product.
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    Yup, that's the formula. Creative twists help.
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    Most people are getting the right idea. It is traffic and conversions that will make you money in this game. No matter the niche or service, testing and tweaking can increase your conversions. The traffic part, well as a marketer you can never have too much traffic.

    What I have learnt is that you should never be afraid to pay for traffic. Pay per click, it is like you give 1 dollar for a 3 dollars in return. I would do that every day. Takes money to make money as they say.
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    Thanks for sharing this great information about marketing. And I also agree that internet marketing is all about getting traffic and conversion.
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    I'm a parrot chiming in on what I've overheard...

    I always thought traffic was more important than conversions but recently learned that when you've focus on conversions you can get all the traffic you want easily.

    All you do is go and pay for the traffic. Since you know your conversions, you know exactly how much you can pay for that traffic to at least break even.

    Get your conversion sorted and you can get all the traffic you want. Do it the other way and you're in for a painful, expensive lesson.

    Second... in our offline business we try to think about traffic and conversion but since we pretty much break even (on advertising) on the front end we need retention of customers to pay for the good stuff like food and a roof over our heads
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    I think it's good to keep things simple - especially at first. Once you've got a good handle at the model that makes you successful for traffic and conversions (SEM, PPC, SEO, CPA, great products, etc.) then you can leverage that success by building your brand, branching into similar product offerings, etc. But never forget the simple (most important) things and you'll be in good shape.
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    Traffic and conversion is the ultimate goal of internet marketing. But they are not all. There are many processes which are involved for reaching the goal , which do come into Internet marketing as well.
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