I cant see my site but others can!!

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I changed the name servers of one of my site a day ago, march 20, 2012 (2.00pm) However i am still not able to view my site from my home internet. I viewed the site while at sch today with the same laptop that i use at home.

I even ask a few friends to look if they see the page and they said yes.

I just don't understand why its not showing for me now on my home internet connection. Instead i am seeing the previous names server page that it was on.

Is this Normal?
What can i do to fix this problem?

thank You.
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    It's normal - wait 24-48 hours for it to start loading for you. You can also try clearing your cache and flushing your dns:

    Flush DNS « HostGator.com Support Portal

    How do I clear my web browser's cache? « HostGator.com Support Portal
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    Chase Watts Thanks for the suggestions but did not work.. i guess i'll jus of to wait
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    • Try and clear cookies and history, or use incognito if you are using chrome.
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    It sounds like your home internet service provider has a cache that needs to be refreshed before you can see it on your home connection. This could be tested using a second computer to see if it has the same thing happen from your home connection. But, it should clear up soon anyway.
    You have to ask yourself if it's worth the hassle to see if it happens on a different computer especially when you have not got control of what your ISP does, and when they empty their caches.
    If it doesn't clear up in a day or two, you might want to contact them.
    Hope this helps,

    Jim Waller
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    @JimWaller Thank you fro the help, yes i tried on another computer from home and got the same thing.
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    You should contact your webhost for help on this.

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    You can use a proxy service like hidemyass.com or a VPN to view your webpage until your DNS updates.
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    The answer is simple. Your changes have not been updated to all name servers YET. It can take up to 72 hours for your changes to be effected. Remember that there are many name servers around the world that require updating.

    If the ISP you use connects through a server that is yet to be updated, you'll not be able to view the site. That explains why you can view it from one location and not the other. I remember sometime back when I could view my site on the phone but not on the computer. They use different ISPs. After a few hours, the problem disappeared.

    Give it some time and all will be well, hopefully! I won't encourage you to contact your registrar yet. I've actually seen some of them request NOT TO BE CONTACTED before the 72 hours have elapsed.

    Hopefully, your problem will sort itself out in the coming hours.
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