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Yup. I'm one too. Haven't made a dime yet. Not a penny. I have no website, no client base, no portfolio. Heck, I haven't yet decided if I want to use my writing skillset to sell shovels and picks to miners as a long term model, or merely to develop seed money to move on to being a miner myself. I have a sig I spent 30 seconds on, 'cause you can't catch any fish if you don't put your hook in the water and I figured, what the heck. Maybe I'll end up with PM or email at some point. But I don't expect I will. I am still, primarily, in a research/strategy/business model stage.

Let's get down to brass tacks here. It is an embarrassing thing to admit, but at age 14 I thought it would be a really good idea to start smoking. I know that I am not the only knucklehead that made such a wonderful decision at a time in life when I knew it all. I have no doubt that there are most definitely others on here that can confirm that they have been involved in the following conversation throughout their long, storied and idiotic smoking career.

It goes something like this:

"Hey man, can I bum a smoke?"

"Sure. Here ya go."

"Umm ... can I borrow your lighter?"

As the bummer hands his/her lighter to the bummie, he/she says in a smartass sort of way, "Do you want me to smoke it for you too?"

Get it fellow noob?

There are cigarettes and lighters laying all over this site, gladly handed out for free. Yet, thread after thread, post after post, I see noobs constantly asking for others to give them what they need and then smoke it for them as well. A lot of you want somebody to hold your hand and tell you, step by step, how to become an internet gazillionaire.

Reality check. It ain't gonna happen like that. And a big reason you will not see your dreams come to fruition through that method is not because there are not helpful people on this site, but rather because you are too damn intellectually lazy. You can follow advice, systems, etc., but you will not succeed in any business venture if you refuse to take initiative and and find within yourself the ability to put two and two together and, eventually, go buy your pack 'o smokes and lighter.
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    Yep. If you can't light it, can't smoke it, and can't buy it, you're not doing yourself any favors.

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    There are many WSO that are step-by-step courses
    designed for newbies.
    Also, a newbie can ask fro advice and can even get a coach.
    No need to create something from scratch.
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    I think it takes a certain sense of independence to make it in internet whether online or offline. Its fine to seek to help, but much of it is already out there. Some people want every little detail mapped out, but thats not going to happen. Each person's situation will be different.
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    Many people are used to not doing anything themselves and not taking responsibility.

    On the very first little obstacle they are quick to shout "It can't be done! Help!".

    Never gonna get anywhere with that attitude.
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    If a newbie doesn't do the work for himself,
    then he's in a for a rude awakening.

    Part of the work is learning by experience, good
    and bad. Learn the nuts and bolts, put the basic
    strategies to work for you.

    Set realistic goals, such as:your first sale in 2 months,
    $50/day in sales in 4 months, $100/day in sales in 6
    months, $200/day in sales in 10 months, $300/day in
    sales in 12 months.

    Sound good?

    Hope this helps...
    Vince aka makingiants

    If you get to $275/day in sales, you're making $100,000/year.
    See how that works?
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    Sounds like you are saying to the "newbies" that the best way to go is to "Take Action."

    If that is the case than I agree 100%.
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    Learn, Plan, Action, Improve. THEN

    Learn, Plan, Action, Improve. AFTER THAT

    Learn, Plan, Action, Improve. NEVER STOP

    Goal for 2012: Become an Online Ninja - Make at least 2,000/month recurring online by December 2012

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    Very well laid out my friend.
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    A "noob" wise beyond his post count, you get a thanks for that one Christopher...well done.
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    ...and it all started with those using smoke and mirrors (and lighters)

    who manufacture the smokes and lighters

    but the lighters have no flints or butane or piezo-electric crystals

    thus the smokers keep getting banned for using matches

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