Hard work does not lead to wealth necessarily

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According to:

Anxiety Culture: The Puritan Work Ethic

I am quoting from above:
"The available statistics don’t support the belief that hard work leads to wealth – for example, US government figures from the eighties showed the average savings of a person reaching retirement age in North America to be less than $500. This is the typical level of financial reward a person can expect for forty years of full-time hard work – based on government data for an entire generation of working Americans."

Basically the article talks about the puritan work ethic has influenced the way we think about wealth, mostly by believing that hard work brings wealth. The thing is that as mentioned above most north american workers after working their whole lives-accumulates about $500 dollars. On the internet it is great to know that hard work doesn't necessarily bring wealth as if you don't pick the right keyword then you can work hard building a site for much time however you will make little if any money at all. Smart Work is what I think brings wealth, especially in the internet marketing world.

This has made me come to realize that hard work doesn't spell out wealth. I have come to believe that smart work will make you richer than just plain old hard work. I think this principle applies even more to the world of internet marketing because you can work hard trying to promote some affiliate product however if you pick keywords that aren't buyer keywords or just wrong keywords you can work hard for a lot of time and you won't make much money at all if any.

The same thing goes to trying to find out if you should try to rank your website which has your affilate links in it for the top 10 search results in google or another search engine for a certain keyword.

The top 10 search results may be sites with hundreds of links pointing to it so and your new blog site with five inbound links may not even have a chance at ranking near those top 10 search results for a certain keyword yet because it does not have enough inbound links.

What I am trying to get at is that you must work smart in the internet marketing world to become wealthy as hard work doen't necesarily bring you wealth especially here on the internet.
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    Hard work is just one asset. You need good ideas too.

    I wish I could tell you exactly what those are

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    That's true,

    I don't think that hard work necessary leads to wealth, but "hard work in the right direction leads to wealth"
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    Yeah! You need good ideas, intelligence and most importantly you need to take action to become wealthy.
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    There is so much more than hard work that goes into becoming wealthy or even successful. You also need a killer product or service that people will find valuable, a great marketing strategy, and one thing that people rarely site as a factor that went into making them rich - luck.
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    Hard work to learn and master a expensive skill leads to wealth. If you learn the skill of converting your traffic into sales then you can leverage that to create your own info products, affiliate programs and leverage that skill to build a empire.
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    Smart work has a better chance of creating wealth than hard work. That has now been noted.
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    The average person doesn't work hard. The average person works the bare minimum to secure whatever amount of money they are happy with.

    Of course any old hard work won't make you rich, but if you put your mind to just about anything you can become really wealthy, problem is that not many people do it.

    Check out my blog GenuineOnlineMarketing.com where I talk about building Amazon and Adsense Niche Websites.

    Over 800 Amazon Reviews for $1 - No way?

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    Smart work is better than hard work. Hard work does not necessarily lead to wealth. But...laziness will almost never lead to wealth. Might as well work hard, look for ways to work smart, and take my chances.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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      Originally Posted by David Sneen View Post

      Smart work is better than hard work. Hard work does not necessarily lead to wealth. But...laziness will almost never lead to wealth. Might as well work hard, look for ways to work smart, and take my chances.
      ^ 100% agree with this.
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  • I know people that work 14 hours a day...they will never be rich. Smart working is always better than hard work.
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    Most people who work hard end up with very little in the end because they don't take advantage of their free time to try and build a business...Most squander their time watching tv or spending their time on other nonproductive activities.

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    Well look at the hardest workers - the lower class. It shows you what working hard - physical - muscle does.

    Now feed your mind and your mind will feed you. What does managers do? They use brains.

    More you get to use your brain, more you get paid.

    More creative you get, less chance you earn. More practical you get, the more you earn.

    The more you learn, the more you earn!
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    It's a mind game... First, find your definite purpose then work hard on it... You can't fail if you're in the right direction...
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    Its an interesting concept. In Think and Grow Rich Napolean Hill supports that same claim that hard work itself is not the key to success. Also worth noting though, in Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers he goes through a whole lot of successful people, and contends that they all were incredibly lucky. All of them though were very hard working when they took took advantage of their lucky situations.

    I have trouble with, "...less than $500. This is the typical level of financial reward a person can expect for forty years of full-time hard work." The things people buy during their 40 years of work are a huge reward. The less than $500 dollars does not include the Social Security they get as a result of working, and I expect it does not include pensions and retirement benefits for some.
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    What people need urgently is commonsense and discipline. They know one day they will retire, but they have no discipline to save. They know that nobody can care about theirs lives more than themselves, but somehow they want to shift blame to the employer, government or parents when things go wrong.
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