How to Optimize a Dynamic Web site?

by seoron
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I have 20 dynamic website pulling content|images|Meta tags| other information too from a mother website?
Now the challenge is this how can i optimized my page in accordance to on-page factor ...
For eg:- If i have a website related to Automaker and we have 20 different site of each product . and each site is pulling images| content|etc from our main site ...then what can i do to make these site different from SEO prospective .
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    The most important worry (at least it would be for me) would be how to get around being penalized or delisted for duplicate content.

    Are you autospinning the content, or just reposting whatever is found on the mother website?
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    You'll need to create some unique content for the 20 sites. Assuming the images are hosted on the mother site and embedded on the satellite sites then you're giving the game away if you're trying to get the all to rank separately.
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