John Reeses Bio page looks hacked!

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Check it out

Btw is John still very active in the IM scene??
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    It doesn't look hacked to me, it just looks like there is a coding or database error. Last I heard John is building his video game business and is not very active in the IM scene.
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    Yeah .. just forgot to close some code.

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    That is one long code. Probably just a error in coding.
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      Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

      I believe that it's a page that does not exist, where did you get the link from.

      Do you see any similarities when you click on these links.
      Agreed, it's probably a page that isn't supposed to be online at all.

      His site is full of old stuff that probably should be taken down.

      Kind of funny to read his Blog posts from 2004 and 2005. A blast from the past!
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    Actually if you look at the code there is a lot more than just scribble scrabble. The database url, the database username, the database name, the database password. I doubt the login still works but...
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    Well spotted Sillysoft, I've emailed him to let him know.
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