The Blog Network Scare - I Need Your Opinion

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Warriors I need your opinion.

Since it's not the best time to depend on the Blog Networks anymore, it appears that the micro niche marketer has to go back to the 3 Tier system with Web 2.0 blogs and EzineArticles etc. in the Top Level pointing directly to the money site and then using some services (or software like SENuke or AMR) to build links for the 2nd Tier. For the 3rd Tier it's obviously going to be some backlink indexing services etc.

Now my question is - if somebody has a few sets of already created and well-indexed Web 2.0 blogs (like Blogger, Squidoo, Tumblr etc.) with a lot of articles posted in each of them but with very little backlinks build for them, is it a good idea to use these sites as the 1st level sites ? Or do you suggest to create a fresh set of first tier sites with fresh articles? Personally I believe that the old sites should perform better when they get the backlink support for the second level than freshly created sites.

(By the way, the articles posted in those old Web 2.0 sites have anchor texts pointing to the money site already.)

What do you think? Any suggestion is welcome and much appreciated.
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