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I purchased IAW, but its not working like promoted.It scrapes all the google sources, but it only gives me like 21 Words or so.Even on the keyword that was shown in the video, colon cancer, it doesnt I doing something wrong?Do I have the wrong settings?Would be glad if someone can help me out on this one
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    I was thinking to purchase the program. But since you posted the issue here, I think it's better for me to hold up the purchase and wait until the issue get resolved.


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    Have these issues been resolved yet?
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    I bought the 7 day trial last year on this so that I could see how it worked, and I got the same results. After a lengthy search for answers, I was able to find that it does that for about 50% of it's users. A friend of mine uses it with NO problems at all, which really makes me laugh because I have never even gotten 1/2 of an article out of it.

    Check out the JLForums (JL Forums - Index) for more information. That's the official owner's forums and there are some good answers to try to see if you can get it to work better.

    -- j

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    Same thing for me, it just took me 5 hours (wasted actually) to find out it doesn't work as advertised. I even tried doing same as in the video (colon cancer) and still got 100+ words instead of requested 300. The articles are quite messy too. Requested a refund, let's wait and see how JL will honor it.
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    I was looking into buying it. I came here to see if anyone had. Any suggestions on what would be a good product?
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    I just started using it a couple of days ago.

    Two days, no problems.

    Then I started getting errors. I'd click "Continue" to keep going.

    Today, Google is giving me errors. Making me enter captcha codes, telling me that I'm violating Terms of Service, and noting problems with my IP address making too many requests, identifying my computer as having "strange activity."

    I received a message from support that acknowledges that "they have tightened guidelines when it comes to automated search tools"

    The support message went on to say:

    "That being said we outfitted IAW with the capability to resolve any capthca messages Google throws back for the automated searching. We are not offering refunds for the tool as Google has always had these rules in their TOS, but they change certain things as they see fit.

    "From here I would recommend setting up a account as it will allow you to search in IAW with out the error message you’ve experienced.

    "From here, to improve the results obtained from IAW it’s recommended to obtain a DBC account and purchase API quota.

    "After you obtain your DBC account you just input your DBC login details through the custom settings inside IAW. The custom settings icon is the two gears/cogs at the top just below the application title bar."

    If the software worked as simply as advertised (as it did the first couple of days I had it), I would be writing a glowing review. However, there is a lot more to this than is explained up front at Instant Article Wizard.

    Overall, I have to report a very unsatisfactory experience.

    Unless you are prepared to go digging around in your registry, expend more money for a program called "DeathbyCaptcha" and prepare to pay for a subscription. Of course, this may not work either as Google is constantly changing their system and as I noted they are monitoring and blocking IP addresses where "strange activity" is coming from.

    Before investing the $7 + $77 for an annual subscription, you may want to investigate this a bit more.
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