Experience with Paypal?

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I've read from more than one source before launching a product (especially the first) and using Paypal to process the payments, that its a good idea to contact Paypal to alert them. It is supposed to help prevent having your Paypal account suspended while they investigate and make sure the charges are legit.

Well, I did just that and the Paypal representative told me that it wasn't necessary. He stated that if Paypal security had any problems, I could be sure they'd be contacting me.

Maybe some forum members with relevant experience can shed some light on this subject. Is it, or is it not helpful?

Thanks in advance!
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    That's the standard line, if you are planning on doing a big launch and your paypal balance wasn't much to write home about, it is best to notify them, You can google for numerous horror stories of accounts being frozen for receiving "too much" money.
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