Thinking of making a serious move.

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Hey there, I am thinking of making a serious change in my site so I need your suggestions.

The thing is I have an ecom site with large catalog and I am working as a single person without team.

Since I am working on drop ship model, I have noticed that large catalog is creating so much problem, because after some time pricing for some product changes and since I don't have a team I can't keep up with it, and the sourcing part drives me crazy too.

My site is around 6 months old and has started to get some traffic, but that traffic is not worth since I am not able to handle the supply part, and sourcing part.

So I have been thinking to make my catalog smaller, and delete all the pages for product I am not able to cater nicely, but I am afraid that after loosing some pages my site may loose its authority in the eyes of google and loose some rankings.

What's the way out?
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    How many pages will disappear?
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    I would suggest using a shopping cart like 3d Cart or Volusion. This way you can just upload pictures of the products to one location and then maintain all your data in a spreadsheet or database. These carts allow you to upload all the information about each product with a comma delimited file. So you could just upload all your products on a daily basis and everything is updated and fresh.

    These shopping cart systems are designed around an organised way to maintain large amounts of data. Some of them give you 15 day free trial.

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    It will not lose authority, authority is not built based on number of pages/items your estore has so nothing to worry about THAT part. However you may want to gradually remove items from your store (at batches of X per day or X per week, depending on whats your crawl rate).

    Each item you remove, if you can't give a 301 redirect to a "similar" item then make that redirect to its category. Another important thing is to make sure your internal linking is being updated and you no longer link from your category or homepage or other pages to these removed items. Doing all this, you will be fine.
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    Why would you have to handle this manually?
    I've done some dropshipping in the past, I was using VirtueMart (the main shop component for Joomla) but you could do the same with any other shop... My provider was updating its prices and stocks file once a day. So I had written a small script that was fetching their file, parsing it and updating my database based on this information... That way my website was always up to date.

    If your provider offers a regularly updated file with prices and stocks then just do the same, or find someone to write the script for you. It isn't very difficult, but of course it highly depends on your shop software.

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