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I cannot be more relieved that WSO bumping works again. I've gotten used to bump my WSO 2 or 3 times a month.
Not being able to bump gave me a HUGE drop in sales. (All positive testimonies etc. lost, starting WSO w/ zero views and zero comments --> bad for business.


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    Allen really know what's the best for our business
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        Originally Posted by Imran Naseem View Post

        Bumping is back and its great news
        Bumping WSO's is great and I'm glad Allen brought that back.

        The only issue that I see is that it's not automatic.

        Before you could just time it perfectly for particular time of day that you decide should get you the greatest results.

        I'm finding now after my first bump, that they have to be manually added.

        So what I see happening is that when a WSO is manually approved, it seems that their manually approved in bundles.

        So as soon as Your WSO is shown in the forum it gets bumped down as soon as it appears.

        Previously when I would bump a WSO I had a specific time of day that I would like my WSO to appear.

        Now that timing appears to be lost.

        But that is just my feelings of how the new bumping has affected me, and maybe some of you have had better experiences.

        Frank Bruno
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