DW CS3, WordPress or stick with the stone tablet and chisel?

by pmgguy
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I see alot of praises for WordPress out there, so I looked into it a bit...

I'd like opinions on WordPress vs. Dreamweaver CS3 for site building an Affiliate Marketing style site. Also in a membership or classifieds type site.

Is it safe to assume that WordPress can be accessed and changed from any computer? That would appear to be the main benefit since I am still stuck at a corporate desk for now...
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    I've used DW since 2000... until last year when I switched to WP. The only time I fire up DW now is to update client sites.

    Dive in to WP and learn how to work it and you will NEVER go back. Also get Firefox and add the Firebug plugin and you should be good to go. Firefox has a ton of other developer plugins that just makes this a killer opensource combination.

    I have no plans to upgrade DW again.
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    I used to use FP and other HTML editors but now I use WP and Wordpress Theme Generator software. You can find Wordpress Theme Generator at Wordpress Theme Generator Tools and Resources

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    I also have used many of the multiple WYSIWG editors. FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc...they all are good to use and I will continue to use Dreamweaver.
    But of late I have been also working with some CMS(Mambo/Joomla) and really like WordPress...the main thing on any of these items that I can emphasize is to keep them up to date. Just as Windows and Macs, keep your software up to date with security fixes. Someone is always out there looking on ways to exploit a website.

    OOpppsss! In answer to your question. Yes you can perform updates from any computer through an admin login.
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      I use (and love) both. Depends what kind of site I'm doing. I sell a lot of sites to people who need to be able to regularly make their own updates, so WP is great for that. Updating a page in wordpress is just as easy as posting on this forum. And yes, you can do it on any computer using just a web browser.

      DW CS4 has a cool new feature now though called Incontext Editing. Adobe - Adobe InContext Editing You can allow clients to make changes to designated text and image regions on the site, within the web browser. It's pretty awesome. It's in a free trial right now, but they estimate it will cost $10-20/month for 5 domains/users.

      Designer, marketer, Wordpress guru.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I must be getting old because the thought of mastering WP is a little daunting, or maybe I'm just tired! I'll look at it again tomorrow.....
    Growing my business... by growing yours.

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        Wordpress may seem a little bit daunting at first, but once you have it set up, nothing could be easier. I used to build websites by hand (HTML) and I am glad I know how to do that, but I truthfully think that I probably won't ever use anything but Wordpress again. Why? Ease of use, plugins rock (and there are tons - although no good split tester yet), great SEO benefits, easy to add new content. Wordpress 2.7 I feel is much more customizable then previous versions. Seriously, I can't believe how good it is and how simple it is to add new content to a site. I am a complete convert, and other web designers I know (and I know a fair amount) agree.
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    WordPress all the way

    WP is perfect for someone technically challenged like me it has a wysiwig editor but the true value is in the plugins that are created that can ramp your plain jane site to something really special.

    You can access your wordpress site from any computer to update it so you can travel the world and update your site

    I love WP to bits and can't imagine firing up any of the html editors, xcite pro or other software I have lying around on my hard drive.

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    I agree with your assessment 100% grover... I started out with notepad in 1995 and doing all hand coding. DW was a handy aid but nothing beats knowing how to code.

    Knowing how to work with css is also a huge benefit as well as having the right tools. Firefox with Firebug installed and a text editor is about all you need to create great WP sites.

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    Count another vote for WordPress!

    The short time that it takes you to learn to use the WordPress interface will quickly be paid back in the efficiency that you will find WordPress provides you. With WordPress I can have an new idea for a site and have a basic site up and running in literally a few minutes, customized and good to go in a couple of hours or less.

    With the wealth of freely available plugins and themes (and excellent values on commercial ones) WordPress can handle almost every need. And Google loves it, I can pretty well count on my WordPress sites getting indexed within 6 days or less.

    Do yourself a favor and go withWP - you will be glad you did!

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    Great posts so far, WP is defintely the way to go. I think it largely depends on what kind of site you're creating. If you're targeting sites for people who require to make their own updates, wordpress is great for that. WP is really user-friendly and you can make updates on any computer using standard web browser. Optional plugins and updates are especially easy to install and offer endless customizations! WP hands down! Hope this helps!
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    Ditto on the Wordpress vote.
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