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Hey guys,

So I am the first to admit that my tech skills are far from what you would call "skills" lol but I need a little help here.

I want to know how you make those videos where you have the guy sitting on the couch on his laptop talking and then it cuts to what is actually going on on his laptop.

I don't mean the picture in picture effect I mean the live transition between onscreen and live camera footage.

Does anyone know how to do this.

Any help much appreciated.

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    This is actually 2 separate videos that are edited together with a video editor. you can do it with windows movie maker or whatever software you have.

    You take one clip from a certain video then you take a clip from another video and place it beside the first clip in your timeline.

    I do not know how experienced you are or if this even makes sense to you but it is the only way that I know how to explain it here.

    Hope this helps you.
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    Hey Tristan,

    Joseph (jeverett) got it right. It is 2 separate recordings
    that are pieced together in the video editing software.

    This is pretty easy to execute once you've got the audio
    synced up nicely... the video should also sync nicely.

    If you are talking LIVE video, however, it'll require some
    external hardware (which I can't recall what it is right
    now) - that can switch between the 2 with a push of a

    So you may need a tech guy/girl to switch what the
    audience is seeing on your behalf while you are starring
    in your videos.

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  • Oh ok cool thanks for your help guys.

    So just to be clear if I want to do it I would setup a video camera and camtasia and hit record on both at the same time and then just edit it together once I'm done?
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    You can record it at the same time or do them separate and edit them together. Either way.

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    If you are using camtasia studio for video editing, the small video is call "PIP", you can enable that track in the "track" > "PIP track"

    my example:

    hope this help

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  • Sweet thanks guys, easier than I though which is good

    Yeah thanks Andrew I know about the PIP
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  • Just an update for those who are interested.

    Tried it yesterday and it came up really good, was a lot easier than I expected and gives that professional looking touch.

    Thanks again guys, much appreciated.

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