What is the average open and click through rate on emails?

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What exactly is the average open and click through rate on email broadcasts?

I sent a broadcast the other day and the open rate was 38% and clicks were at 23%.

Is this bad?

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    Originally Posted by hobokook View Post

    Is this bad?
    It depends on the standards against which you judge it in general, and more specifically on the context of the lengths you've gone to with your "continuity process" to make sure that you get high open-rates. (And surely also on how old the list is and what the current median opt-in duration is, the history of contact and so on).

    I know people who don't take much care over that at all who'd be perfectly pleased with those figures; I also know people who do go to great lengths with that sort of thing who'd be deeply disappointed and maybe even shocked.

    It's really impossible to answer in abstract. My guess, though, knowing from earlier, similar conversations that expectations around here in this regard tend to be what I consider pretty low, is that as (or if) the thread progresses, many people will say "No, that's fine - well done".
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  • No, that's fine - well done.

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