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Has anybody tried doing this? I tried a couple of listings in Craigslist under the "small biz ads" but I didn't track it. If I can find 20 free classified sites to post in each day and could average 1 subscriber per site per day, that would be about 600 new subscribers a month.
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    Is there any service that post on every classifieds website with inbound links there?
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      I am looking to do some heavy advertising on free classified sites but Craigslist is a tricky animal and in a class by itself. Backpage, Gumtree, US Free Ads, Kiji, Adland Pro are just a few of the major classified ad players and should be great for advertising or list building.

      Has anyone specialized in this area or had some great success using free online classified sites?

      Craigslist is so tricky and complicated if you are not posting job seeker ads, items for sale or legitimate business services. If you are in direct sales or affiliate sales and looking to do major nationwide or global campaigns CL will definitely be against that. It's in their TOS. That's why it has always been so hard for marketers on CL. There were also lots of scammers so CL became very aggressive with their policy enforcements.
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    Honestly, if you are trying to build a list in the I.M niche, I find nothing better than having a signature here on the warriorforum.

    Build up 100 subs, then start using safe-swaps and build your list using safe swaps and your warriorforum signature simultaneously.

    As you start making money with your list, you can stat purchasing solo ads.
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      Getting subscriber from classified websites will not be targeted because the general audience browse those type of classified websites. And you don't know what type of products they will be interested in.
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    I think AdLandPro and Sales Spider are two more additions to the list of free classified ad sites shown above that I think allow links in ads. This could be subject to change, though.
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    you would be much better off buying a banner ad or a text link on a site related to your offer.
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    I did get about 50 or so leads on my list using classifieds sites. I spent $10 on 2 fiverr gigs that posted to classifieds and got me decent results. My offer had to do with selling SEO services to local businesses and it was placed in the business opportunity section.
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    ive never tried classified ads but it could be worth a try as long as you dont spend hours having to post

    i personally stick to my best methods ie solo ads, im yet to find anything which is such a no brainer and profitable

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    Hard to say what your results would be, but most classified ad sites only get a fraction of the traffic Craigslist does. Not saying its the right approach, but if i were going to try to build a list using online classifieds, I would focus all my energy on CL.
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    how can i get confirmed on CL even if im from EUROPE??
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    Classifieds are not going to substantially build your list but they can add x amount over time providing you post ads daily. Pay your cousin, little brother or your maid to post these ads for you everyday. All you need to do is write your ad and give it to your maid so she can copy and paste it into the sites you want her to. She can buy a new bottle of washing up liquid out of the $10 you pay her at the end of the week, and you will get a little trickle of prospects coming to your landing page. You must be consistent with this and do it every day to see any results.

    Becanada dot com have an online submitter than can automate this process. They have a free version that posts up to 10 sites and you can use it as often as you like. The paid version can send your ad out to 1000's of classifieds every day.

    After your maid has finished with your classifieds, send her around to oven needs cleaning.
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      This links helps you to post your website in the and it enables you to promote your website in higher traffic and also for business promotion. This website will not delete your website for longer period.
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    A link on your signature on this forum is a great way to pick up traffic.
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