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Has anyone had experience with a graybox?
For some reason the html in the body is not linking up with the js script in the head, to actually create the graybox.

As of right now, it is only linking to the players web page. (player_0.html)

Any ideas?
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    In the past any problems I've had are to do with the associated javascript or the CSS files

    The actual code to get the lightbox working is pretty simple so once you are sure this is correct, check that the paths to the css and js files are pointing to the right place.
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      I have checked and rechecked.
      Still Only getting a direct link to the full page of the video and not an IFrame popup.
      is it possible that I am supposed to upload something from the graybox folder itself
      to my web server?
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        Have you got a link to the site?

        You can just PM me if you don't want to post on here....
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          Hay, Jon.
          Thanks for the reply.
          I've sent you a PM.
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            Problem solved Jon.
            Although, I will say this: (Thank You for offering your assistance in this matter).

            I really do feel that customer support is the key to running any type of business.

            The provider of the software stated very specifically on more than one occasion,
            inside of the package that I purchased from him, that he would offer no support whatsoever
            on this particular product that came with the package.

            I counted three times that this was stated, in video and written instruction.

            Had I known that he was refusing to give any support at all on this
            product. I would have NEVER bought from him.
            I never will again!

            Remember: Customer Support on ALL aspects of a product that you may offer, is KEY.

            Although, the folks on this forum have probably never heard of this gentleman,
            I still won't reveal his name.

            I have posted this thread as a lesson in sales ethic, not a complaint.

            I don't even have animosity towards the gentleman himself, just the ethic.
            Even though I have solved the issue and the products works just great.
            It wasn't the fault of the product.
            I just wasn't uploading it the right way.

            I am still greatly disappointed in the blatant refusal of customer support for this
            particular product. (especially, not knowing this until after paying for the product).

            If he gave customer support for the product that he was offering, it would have took him a total of 12 seconds to explain that I simply needed to open the folder and upload the contents individually, instead of trying to upload the whole folder itself.

            12 seconds loss of his time.
            A whole weekend lost for me...

            Very disappointing...
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