Wanted:Ideas for an entirely new approach to a niche

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Hi fellow marketers

I am looking for an entirely new approach/angle for an existing niche so i can represent it.
Any good resources on "new approaches" to help in my research would be very helpful

A resource that promotes out-of-the-box thinking would be very good
The niche would be "gifts product" based

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    Try coming up with ten reasons why someone would buy this product for someone else. Target a couple of lesser known holidays like Administrative Professionals Day. Start a blog detailing romantic or heart warming stories of people giving the "gift product" to someone else.

    It's hard to come up with anything really good without knowing what the niche is lol (not that I'm trying to get you to reveal it, I'm busy enough as it is)
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    I am about to do an experiment in anti marketing in the MMO niche (not a niche I like or know anything about)

    but I am on lots of lists and most of those lists, although clearly well intentioned, are not offering me anything I need or want with the exception of 3 or 4 guys

    and I am not only not going to copy those guys (for good reason) I am not going to copy the Master of the Universe style of the few guys that have clearly made it

    be interesting any way - will soon know from the results how it goes down

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  • Thanks for your suggestions.
    What would also be of help:
    Is there any business news sites etc that discuss new start ups?
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    Um..........So George?

    If we have valuable ideas for a niche......why wouldn't we cash in on those instead of coming into a forum and handing them over. I mean - Warriors ARE generous, and they are at times more than excessively charitable..........but jeez - they aren't stupid.

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