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One of my site's traffic suddenly decreased! Now its 200/300 pageviews daily..But previous month it was 700/800 pageviews daily.

So my earning is also decreasing. Now what can i do to increase traffic?

I am using StumbleUpon, Digg,Twitter,Facebook etc.
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    Originally Posted by FlowingEvents View Post

    One of my site's traffic suddenly decreased! Now its 200/300 pageviews daily..But previous month it was 700/800 pageviews daily.

    So my earning is also decreasing. Now what can i do to increase traffic?

    I am using StumbleUpon, Digg,Twitter,Facebook etc.
    if you only use social networking to generate traffic, you should consider using other methods: blog marketing, forum, yahoo answers....
    My situation is probably more difficult than you, traffic to my blog <200 page views per day
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    There is only one way to increase your site's traffic according to me and that is update your previous contents and write some attractive contents now. I hope you will get your visitors again.
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    I did all of them(Blog commenting, Yahoo answer etc) too..But not much.


    Yeah..Most from Google.


    I am updating regularly.
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    You should consider improving your Facebook pages in order to attract more fans and convert them into buyers or subscribers...

    You should think about improving your site rankings with some Google pluses votes...
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    Yep - Instead of looking at other sources, why not try and boost traffic from your existing sources by engaging users, posting more frequently, jazzing up the page a little, valued content etc. It is always better to build on something you have rather than start afresh somewhere - especially since your website has exhibited good performance in the past via these sources
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    Sounds like you were hit by the recent Google algorithm changes. A lot of people with sites which were at or near the top of Google have seen their ranking drop, and in many cases good authority sites with lots of original content were hit hardest.

    There's a great article here explaining why sites were hit, and what you can do about it

    Penguin Analysis: SEO Isn't Dead, But You Need to Act Smarter | Microsite Masters

    Also, try to diversify your traffic sources - you can get a lot of traffic without Google, for example from forum posting, video marketing, article syndication, Yahoo Answers. Google is not the only game in town, and casting your net wide is always a good idea.
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    This type of problem has happened and happening with a lot of websites in recent days. If you want to increase your ranking, you should start building good backlinks for your site.
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    Lots of people have been suffering with recent Panda and Penguin updates even those with mature and established domains. Just keep building backlinks. Try to get a variety of links and keep it natural looking
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    Since Google changes its algorithm all the time, you just can not rely on them forever.

    What happens if your site goes from 200/300 pageviews daily to 10? What would you do then? Do you have other places working for you and getting you traffic? If not, you are putting yourself in a disastrous place.

    I never relied on them for all my traffic.

    I use ppc, article marketing, video marketing, forum marketing, banner ads, etc.

    You should start looking at these too.
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    You should have analytics installed so you can see where your traffic is coming from, (search engines, keywords, etc) I like clicky because it gives you stats in real time, and it has a wordpress plugin. Also you can look in google insights and see the traffic trends over time for specific keywords. I also use a rank tracker to check the rankings of my site for the keywords I'm getting traffic for. (I use webceo, but there are many others out there)

    Using these things, you get a pretty good picture of what's going on between your site, the search engines, and your visitors.
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    check your stats & were your backlinks are coming from.
    We had the same issue, I wen into Google's web master tools and seen our reach was huge and at the beginning of the year, ill now it looked like a hill way up top down to 300 a day..Pretty sure they slapped us silly, how embarrassing.
    I also think because our site was static that it became a factor, But we are local identity so there was no reson to change the pages. We just recently removed over 450 tags Down to about 10 and Google still has yet to replace us where we were. time to look at our competitors structure and get more ideas. We also took off any type of seo plugin and now are redeveloping our titles and descriptions as they aren't getting picked up. even with a pr 6. so we better act fast.
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