Is anyone else having problems downloading Ewen Chia's files?

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I've been trying to download the bonuses and the files from the OTO, but its taking on the order of an hour for each file. While they're large files, I typically don't have such a wait on my cable lines. I've also tried from another network and not much better.

I know they had some webhost/server issues at the launch - but I was under the impression they'd been fixed.

So before I open a ticket, just wanted to see if anyone else was having the same problems or if its just me....


ps - anyone else seeing database errors from WF - if not then somethings afoot with my network :-(
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    Ewen has just had to undertake some massive repairs to his sites ... someone hacked him.

    Anyway I got an email that indicated everything should be back to normal.

    Make sure you bookmark the download page so you can return and keep trying. There should also be a helpdesk or email address you contact his team for support

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