The Island Scenario - Where Do You Start?

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Alright you're finally on that island of your dreams ...

The only problem is, it turns out it's a deserted island ...

BUT! It has WiFi!

and you have a laptop and $10usd in a Paypal account.
You have one domain and hosting for 3 months, the catch is your domain name is your full name.

You can only get off the island by making $10k

Where do you start?

Walk us through the process of getting off the island.
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    I just made a post in an almost identical thread, not to repeat myself here's the link:

    With just $10 I guess I'd have to find cheap hosting that gives one free domain
    with hosting plan (or free hosting - not recommended), and only go with free traffic
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    if i had no contacts i would start a hosting company.

    1. join resellercluster
    2. go to web hosting forums and find disgruntled customers. Offer them a good deal on hosting with me where i do whatever i need to do to make them happy.
    3. re-invest any profits towards advertising for more clients.

    incidentally, that is almost exactly how Brent started HG a few years back. Back when he started, resellercluster wasn't around, so he had to get a more traditional reseller hosting account. But #2 was the marketing plan he used to get HG going. It seems to have worked out ok
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