1st Problem article at EA, but no instructions

by Jeannie Crabtree 6 replies
I have had my first problem article at ezinearticles.com, I see the red bar, but don't have a clue what to do. No intructions.

There are no messages for me and I have not received an email. How am I to know what am I expected to do?

Any hints would be appreciated.


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    Hi, I submitted a couple of articles lately after none for a few weeks, and I noticed the red bar. If it is the red bar I saw, it just tells you the progress of your article. If there was a problem they would've let you know via email or on your article home page!

    Hope all's ok!
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      When I hover over the red bar it says it is pending quality control revie.

      When I click pending articles, it says the red bar means "Problem Articles (Not Live) - These articles have problems and need your attention before we can approve them."

      Maybe they have changed how they note it as it is processed? Like I said this is my first experience with this. They have always passed.

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        Hi Jeannie

        Just logged into my account and looked at my red bars - hovering over the red bar they are reading "In final review"

        A few days ago I had an article with a problem - broken link - and they sent me an email telling me there was a problem.

        Perhaps you should email EA for an explanation? Or maybe someone else has the answer, sorry, hope it's nothing major!
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          Hi Jeannie

          It's new feature they've added recently showing the status or progress of your article. You're right in that a red bar means article has a problem but that's a solid bar and this other one is in five sections.

          If you hover over each of the sections you will see the progress your article has gone through and what still has to be done before it goes live.

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