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Are you guys using any free programs or sites to read text into audio? In other words, any programs to covert text into voice.

I know there are people offer such services, at this stage, I do not want to invest on it, and want to try some auto programs,
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    When I used Google, here's what I found.

    -- j

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    I use NaturalReader pro version. If you want, you can use the free version. But the free version has only one voice, which is too boring and will make you sleepy!
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    Natural reader.

    It is right in the front page of google search!!!
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    Why Google when you can spend far more time asking other people top do it for you?

    Joking aside; most all in one printer/scanners have software that will do this.

    It's often cheaper to by a brand new piece of kit with full warranted software than it is to buy the software in a box.

    When you find one that you like the sound of; read reviews.

    I hope this helps.
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    I didn't find a satisfactory transcription program to do them rightly. Although for speech to text I use dragon Naturally speaking, and it does wonders. I think you should atleast use some real life people to transcribe for you.
    Its really cheap.
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