Please help with LinkShare problem.

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I hope someone can help me with this. I have a blog with amazon a-stores. I wanted to add LinkShare ads to it. I now have an account with LinkShare and I go to their advertisers and click to receive links.

If I copy/paste the links, the text shows up but not the graphic. I cannot find the link in it.

I wrote LinkShare and they wrote back saying that they don't really know, I should contact my WordPress people and they could tell me how to receive and use the links.

I wrote the WordPress people and they said they didn't know, I should instead contact the LinkShare people and ask them how to receive and use the links.

Has anyone out there used LinkShare and can tell me how to receive and paste the links from them onto a WordPress blog hosted by Hostgator?


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    Two thoughts:

    (1) Check the obvious - are you copying pasting a text link by mistake instead of a banner link?

    (2) Realize that the banner images are stored on linkshare's servers, not yours. Is it possible that the request or download is being blocked on your server?
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