Anyone Use StartSSL Before?

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So I got a Dedicated IP and am now in the process of getting my SSL Certificate through; (which doesn't always load because I think their servers get full)

I am trying to follow these instructions (as well as the ones the site provides, which are similar) -

How To Get Your Very Own Free SSL Certificate

But I am having SUCH a hard time for some reason, lol...

I am stuck on on the part of the instructions that say 'Certificate Wizard' and I got to the part where I saved my code into notepad and saved it as ssl.crt after that, I don't understand a lick of it! lol

I was wondering if anyone here has used this site and/or these instructions before and would be willing to give me a quick 5 minute walk-through so I can finish with this and move on!!

Message me here or through Skype if you're available, it would mean a lot - thanks everyone!!

- Bre

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