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hi i am newbie i have any money to invest i have account in aweber
what is the best way to building list??? please warrior help me
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    There are many ways you can do this, here is some basic advice.

    1. Your offer needs to be really really good (not just ok) It needs to really stand out in order to get attention and good conversions.

    2. Same with your squeeze page.

    3. Set up a quality product to give away on the front end then put a paid offer on your thank you page. Make it quality (nothing crappy)

    4. Once you know your conversion rates you can buy traffic and have your paid offer cover costs.

    5. If your paid offer is good enough to cover advertising costs (break even or better) guess what? That mean that you can have instant traffic and huge opt ins to your list technically at no cost. Provided your paid offer is converting.

    6. You can scale up and build you list as fast as you like.

    7. Test and tweak your offers to optimize your campaign. Don't go spending money on traffic until you know it converts. Start small and then scale up.

    This is what I do and the best method that I am aware of. Currently I am looking for a new front end offer and when starting this can be hard.

    Take your time, get educated on how to do this and take action.

    Good luck
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    Jv giveaway events are free and a good way to build a list! However you will need a squeeze page and a free offer to promote, but that costs very little!
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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    set up a squeeze page with a good free offer

    set up a quality one time offer too. If you don`t have your own products then promote something as an affiliate around $5 - $17 area

    set up a basic sales funnel

    then start driving traffic. You have a lot of options of free and paid traffic it just depend what you have more of, money or time?

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    Originally Posted by pizaruu View Post

    hi i am newbie i have any money to invest i have account in aweber
    what is the best way to building list??? please warrior help me
    Easy and Quick Method:

    1. Start with a free offer squeeze page.
    2. Buy a few solo ads to get a base list.
    3. Start adswapping. I use Safe Swaps.

    I've built a list of 2000 in a little over 3 months from only adswapping, and made the money back a few times over from it by selling several affiliate products and solo ads.
    SOLO AD TRAFFIC Provider for over 6 Years - Get targeted traffic to your offer from my privately built email lists. I have niches in Internet Marketing, Make-Money-Online, Biz-Op, Crytocurrencies, MLM, Health/ Weight-Loss/ Fitness/ Anti-Aging, Travel, Pets and more!
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    thank you guys
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    This is an easy method of creating a nested squeeze page

    Here’s a tactic for generating a lot of leads from a blog.
    I actually built my first list of 1,000 subscribers this way in the weight loss niche before I even got into the internet marketing niche.
    It’s so easy.
    You take a blog and maybe your blog is generating 100, 200, 300 visitors per day because you’re cranking content out on a daily basis.
    Even if you don’t try to target certain keywords on your site, it’s pretty easy to start generating 200 to 300 visitors per day just by cranking out content and ranking it for long tail search terms without even trying to, and actually only doing it.
    So what you do is, you take your squeeze page in your niche, and you nest it at the top and center of that blog.
    So before they actually see the blog site at the top of the page, they should see your squeeze page as it is.
    You can nest it up there using an image and an opt in box, if you want.
    That’s if you don’t want the test of the squeeze page to interfere with any other on page SEO that’s happening.
    You’ll be surprised at the opt-in rate you can get from that.
    Let’s say your site isn’t really an interactive site as much as you want it to be; it’s really difficult to get a site with a lot of interactivity.
    Maybe your site just has a lot of traffic coming to it and doesn’t really have people interacting, so it doesn’t really matter if you put your squeeze page up there or not.
    One of the best ways to generate leads from a blog is to nest a squeeze page front and center.
    Another way is by using Robert Plank’s WordPress Plug-Ins.
    One is called Action Opt-In.
    This is where you can put an opt-in bar on your side bar that you go opt-in to.
    Once they opt-in to it, the form will disappear and say, “Thanks for subscribing,” and keep the people on the blog they’re on.
    One is Action Pop-Up, which is a fade in window that fades into your site and asks for the opt-in there in exchange for a freebie or whatever you’re offering.
    The other is Action Comments, which is where if someone comments on your blog, they check a check box and it automatically subscribes them to your list.
    You can get all three, I believe, in one purchase from Robert Plank if you go to or search on Google for Action Opt-In and you’ll probably find it.

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      thank you very much vivi
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    1. Create or buy a pre-made made product you can give away (SEE #5 below in my Signature).

    2. Build a simple squeeze page outlining the main benefits and advantages it can give someone when they opt-in. (Look at peoples signatures here at the W.F.) for ideas...

    3. Set up an autoresponder series linked to what your FREE gift is about and aim to add in "Back End" related affiliate products to gain some commissions.

    4. Create several versions of your squeeze page (2 or 3) and use Google Website Optimizer to track which one converts best once you have driven traffic to them.

    5. Drive traffic to them by purchasing quality Solo Ads on a weekly basis from Safe-Swaps or Reed Florens Solo Ad directory.

    6. Keep testing until you have a winner and keep tweeking your sales funnel until you can maximise your results as far as they can go!

    Rinse and repeat (KEEP BUIDLING YOUR LIST AT ALL TIMES)!!!

    Good Luck hope this has helped in anyway shape or form.
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    Send a free offer through solo ads. When you have a reasonable list, do ad swaps to get you list really going.
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    Originally Posted by pizaruu View Post

    what is the best way to building list??? please warrior help me
    This recent thread might be very helpful for you, also:
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    I myself would consider what attracts me to accept a certain e-mail offer or decide to sign up for a certain newsletter. Then, I model that. The tips above do summarize it quite well.
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    thank you you know a wso for setup aweber and squeeze page please ??
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