UBot- can you make a bot that submits articles to top 10 directories lik ezin?

by satrap
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I have AMR and use it to submit articles to lots of directories. However, I would rather submit to top 10 directories like ezine and GoArticles than thousands of not very quality sites. The problem however is that with AMR and many other artcile submission softwares you can not add most of the top 10 directories (I guess because of their platform or ...?).

So, right now, I basically submit manually to 10-12 top sites. But it is time consuming especially since I use different versions of the article to submit to each site. So, copy-pasting 10 different tiles, description, the article itself, resource box takes lots of time.

I have heard of ubotstudio and how you can create bots and softwares even if you are not a coder or software maker. For those how do use ubotstudio, could you do such a thing? Meaning, make a tool that could submit your article to 10 or so top directories such as ezine, GoArticle and ArticleRich?

Also, whats has been your experience over all with ubotstudio? Did it actually increase your productivity and allow you to save money by not having to buy individual softwares and tools that would do a certain task (because you could create your own software with Ubot to do the exact same thing)?...

Sorry if the question seems kind of confusing or stupid for that matter. I really am clueless when it comes to bots and tools and how they work and how they are created.

Thank you all in advance.
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    Why not just do it by hand? This allows you maximum control over the process. Also, spun garbage is on its way out so people should focus now on maximum quality. Every communication or piece of information you put on the Internet regarding your business or sites is a BRANDING exercise. Why not invest some time making sure all your articles are inputted correctly, in the right categories, and finely tweaked? It is not that hard with roboform and other semi-automation tools that have a lot of manual control.
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      Originally Posted by imgeek2727 View Post

      Why not just do it by hand? =
      I am sorry, I dont mean to be rude, but seems like you haven't even read my OP.

      Originally Posted by imgeek2727 View Post

      Also, spun garbage is on its way out so people should focus now on maximum quality.
      Again, I dont know why some of you guys put words in people's mouth. Who said anything about spun garbage? I rewrite everything by hand.

      I appricte your response, but dont you think I would have considered all of these things before posting this question? Plus, from my post it is clear why I am searching for this option.

      Anyway, thanks.
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