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by hnb93t
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Hello everybody , i am a newbie on this forum , i have just started my first website , it is an ecommerce website but is on wordpress , i am struggling to find ways to get customers and sales , any ideas would be great
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    Check out the SEO section - I'm sure I've mentioned over 100 ways to promote a site there many times before.


    nothing to see here.

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    One word of advice: get SOCIAL!
    Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account... and engage your potential customers!

    Then, redirect them towards your site.
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      Originally Posted by WittyT View Post

      One word of advice: get SOCIAL!
      Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account... and engage your potential customers!

      Then, redirect them towards your site.

      If had only done this to start with in some of the niches I had. I would have been the king of it by now!
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    I would do social media and also blog commenting. Make yourself an expert in your niche and leave useful helpful comments linking back to your site. Always provide your readers whichever option you choose to use with value.
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    first you should get some backlinks to your website, you can write some articles and submit them to free articles directories, such as ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com, enarticles.net ... Backlinks is one of the most important factors to promote your website and get higher positions in google
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    for customers and sales, you have to do its SEO to rank it well. also promote it on social media for lots of traffic. facebook is the most beneficial media.
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    I am a newbie on internet marketing like you (though have founded my 1st business 12 years ago)

    I always seek for an answer on how to market a website, but most people gave almost same answers, which I don't quite like to be absolute frank. Don't get me wrong, these are the fairest and most honest answers, but lack of the sparkling effect which I'm aftering.

    If there's only I thing I learned all these years of doing business and seeing all the ups and downs around me . that is - don't become a slave by sacrificing too much for your time "in" a business, rather, target the best business model, or a better (than most) model, then work "on" the business model and improvise on it. It's actually not much difference than leaping to B from S quadrant as described by Robert Kiyosaki in his ESBI model.

    Don't get me wrong, hardworking is good. But it's not the ultimate answer I am (or you are) looking for. So Andyhenry's advice of SEO seems more like a business model in long run, but for best effect in short term, engaging could be the best way of all. And most good ecommerce sites don't run on wordpress unless you're doing blogging or sharing informational products.
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    If you could link to more pages on this forum where these tips and advice are given, that would be greatly appreciated. This thread is a great reminder.
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  • Try to make it social, opening a Facebook page, a Google + page, a Twitter account and a Pinterest account. Share your products and their images, but especially your method to deal with customers.

    Try also to share special coupons only for who likes your FB page, or the same with Twitter. Or make a gift to the first 20 who make an order through your site.
    For example give free shipping to first 20, or give a branding free item, like a custom keychain, custom badge and so on.

    This is the best way ever.

    Otherwise read the traffic best posts here on Warrior Forum and you will learn the best!

    See you soon,
    Alessandro Zamboni
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    Search and read the useful information in the forum. But you need to filter those irrelevant information. You will be able to learn what you wanted to.
    CPA is all about testing, tracking, determining.
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    Originally Posted by hnb93t View Post

    Hello everybody , i am a newbie on this forum , i have just started my first website , it is an ecommerce website but is on wordpress , i am struggling to find ways to get customers and sales , any ideas would be great
    Do forum marketing, blog commenting, SEO,etc
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    Be social and make the most of free advertising, recently I been using facebook advertising to direct likes to my page, write good relevant posts on your fan page and watch it grow.

    Want to learn more, read read and read more. http://www.mannusblog.com/index.php/...e-optimisation

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    I offer free coaching to people just starting out. The first module is all about YOU. What makes you tick? What do you like (besides money)? What are your passions? What do you like to do? Can you write? Can you build links? Do you get along with people? etc etc

    This is the cornerstone of marketing: CORE COMPETENCIES. Someone can give you a marketing swiss army knife but if you have no clue and don't have the temperament for it, you're wasting your time.

    I help people find their inner core marketing skills. Anyway, if you or anyone need help, just let me know. I am not going to baby you. You have to work to build your site/program up. That's what a coach does-help you help yourself up. Not do stuff for you. Big difference. My advice/coaching is free although I am not always at WaFo.
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    Like what is mentioned, facebook, twitter, social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum participation, SEO, keywords, backlink and many more.

    For me, I also install the Google Analytics to track where my traffic comes from. Its free.
    They Laughed When I Said I've simple but powerful system--
    But When I live an internet lifestyle They Begged Me For it. Check out my blog
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      use the search function, which will give you many traffic threads.

      but article marketing a good traffic method.
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    You need SEO, both on-page and off-Page.

    Are you using All-in-one-SEO-pack, or a similar plugin, and using it correctly (to add meta tags etc.)?

    For off-page SEO, you need to create a wide variety of DIFFERENT types of back-links, so it looks as natural as possible to Google.

    Hope this helps

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  • For website marketing social media is very helpful,
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    There are plenty of ways to promote a website. Social network is one of it. You may look for article submission, classified submission and video submission. These methods are able to create backlinks to your website. Begin with a simple start ups and get a squeeze page to build your list.
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    For ecomomerce site, I prefer to use PPC to get the traffic.

    Unlike SEO, you could get traffic and make sales in short time with PPC. For PPC traffic, you could try Adwords Display Network (the banner ads). The quality is the same with the Search Network, but with price much cheaper.
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      your query is to get traffic to your wordpress website:

      Firstly update all on page details to your website, likt title, description,keywords, sitemap, robot.txt files, through the help of wordpress plugin ( ALL IN ONE SEO)

      After that start building links to your website, its a part of off page optimization,which helps you to get organic traffic to your website, which will help you to increase traffic as well as sales to your website

      In between off page process, you can start Social media marketing, which will generate traffic to website.

      Use social networking website to generate traffic, create fan page on facebook, use twitter, stumbleupon, digg, myspace, pinterest, google plus sites. Use keywords while updating posts.

      Create followers, and then viral marketing will work.

      Follow the process u will definetely get results

      If you want some more details you can ask questions.

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    For off site SEO social is definatly a must do!
    Apart from Facebook and Google+, i believe Twitter and PInterest is 2 more bookmarking sites you should be using.
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