Screenshot program that doesn't cost $300?

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I know everyone recommends Camista for screen shots videos, but I just can't afford it right now.

I know Jing is good, but it's not long enough.

Is there any kind of program that does screenshots but costs less? (I don't need editing, I just need video screenshots.)
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    You can check out CamStudio. It's free and is an easy screen video capture tool to use.
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    Are you talking about a screen recorder or screenshot recorder?

    For screen recorder, use Camstudio or Jing

    For screenshot recorder, use GIMP, pixlr etc.
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    Thanks for the info guys, I was looking for similar software but I too thought that some of the commercial products were too expensive. I'll give these a go.
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    I have been using Jing and actually love the fact that you re limited to 5 minutes per video. It prevents rambling, forces you to focus on a single topic, and you end up making more videos which can add value.

    The problem is that Jing is closing shop in the next few months. That's a shame, it's a really simple program to use.

    Thanks for asking the question. Now I know to check out CamStudio, too!

    All the best,

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      Another vote here for CamStudio.

      I have never used Camtasia before as CamStudio for free has always done the trick for me.

      You literally just open it up, drag the mouse for the area of screen you want to capture, and click record!

      You also get to highlight the mouse yellow and various other things I believe.
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        Check out -- I believe with the paid version you can record some long videos.

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    Definitely Screen Cast-O-matic.
    To go Pro you just need a measly $15 a YEAR !
    And if you are in doubt you can get a Free Trial without any obligation whatsoever.
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      I agree, you should try screen-cast-o-matic. It is very user friendly and works
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    On another thread Al Anshori posted about EZVid:

    So I downloaded it to check it out. It has some really cool features that even Camtasia doesn't have, like the ability to speed up or slow dow video and synthesize speech you type in.

    The biggest negatives are:

    Can't zoom or select the screen recording size. It will record the entire screen.

    Can't add your own soundtrack. But you can record your voice.

    You can't save created videos to your hard drive. You can only upload them directly to Youtube.

    It has a good and fast screen show features, but it tends to automatically zoom too close, so it may not show the slides the way you want and cut some of the outer parts.

    Despite these weaknesses, I like it better than some of the other free screen capture programs such as Cam Studio. And it's $300 cheaper than Camtasia.
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      Active Presenter is by far the best free screencast software I've ever used. I'm really surprised that more people don't talk about it, because its feature set rivals Camtasia (and it even does some stuff that Camtasia can't do!).

      About the only thing you can't do with the free version is export to Flash. But if you need to do that, you can use Super (also free) to convert pretty much any type of video format to Flash.

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    Try Screenhunter, its free and awesome.

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