A Guide To Help A Complete Newbie Get Started?

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I have a friend who is a complete newbie to internet marketing and they dont know anything. Ive tried explaining how things work but im finding it hard, can anybody suggest a product that can help them?

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    Go to a store that sells protective equipment that you can use to clean up toxic chemical spills, buy your friend a pair of waders, and then turn him or her loose into the WSO section. Make sure that s/he is also wearing sunglasses as well, the REALLY darkly tinted ones. Disable his or her PayPal account and take away his or her wallet as well.

    Go back an hour later and pull him/her away from the computer and find out what was the most interesting thing s/he found and then come back and ask us more questions.

    -- j

    PS: If your friend is catatonic after an hour, a good shot of Wild Turkey should suffice.

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      I always recommend newbies hire someone who can help them generate their first dollars online, the key is finding a good service that has produced income for someone.

      You could begin your search by checking out the websites for sale section in the warriorforum here.
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    Perhaps directing them to the Warrior Forum would be a good place to start? There is a ton of information here to help out the newbie, plus tons people willing to help. I realize that this place may feel a bit overwhelming, but if you find specific threads and parse them out to directly help answer your friend's questions, that might help set him/her in the right direction.

    Elizabeth Fee
    The Niche Mom - My personal blog to inspire and guide you towards earning an income online.

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    I agree, I wish I had known about this forum nefore spending a ton of money on a coaching product which didn't really show me very much. Getting a mentor is a good way, there are lote of free YouTube videos on how to set up your first website but get them to spend time here first before they buy an expensive product.
    For more Internet Marketing Tips and to follow my IM journey go to my personal blog nickyperfect.com

    Let me help you achieve your dreams http://perfectcoachingsolutions.com
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    I wrote a blog post and ebook about this very thing. From buying a domain name to building links and ranking on Google and everything in between...
    It's called The Blog In You
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    Learn the basic concepts of affiliate marketing just from surfing and reading stuff on this forum and on google. after you know what is affiliate marketing, cpa, epc, cpc, ppv, seo, clickbank and all the basic words, you can check my guide on my signature. It will save you a lot of time.

    Karma is sweet :)
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    Just refer them to warrior forum or to any of the Internet Marketing blogs out there. Or can search for Internet Marketing ebooks on Amazon
    Nwangene Theodore
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    2 ways to go for it..

    Check fiverr gigs , of course he has to do it and see if he likes / can do anything that stands out , then great he / she can start with that.

    join mastermind / coahcing rather prooduct will help in better any day inteacting with other while learning
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      Before letting anyone loose on the Warrior Special Offer Forum, where if they are anything like me they will spend far too much money and time, get them to invest (and I really do mean invest) the $37 to join the War Room.

      Without doubt it is the best money I have spent here on the forum and it has also been the best investment of my time. The wealth of information given freely by respected Warriors in that section of the forum is phenomenal and will have your friend on the right path from the beginning.

      As an aside, if he does join I highly recommend Andy Beveridge's "The Storm Bringer Report". It's free but it creates the mindset to deal with the constant bombardment of offers in the forum and sets you up for success. My first month of IM income equaling my full time income came 4 months (and some hard work) after reading that report.

      All the best to you and your friend. The War Room is the best money you can spend here.

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        The John Chow one is pretty good IMO. Can get it from his blog.
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    The warrior forum has a wealth of information for your friend to digest, but I doubt very much if that's sensible advice IMO. Time and again we hear about people getting stuck in "information overload" mode. Learn from this!! Unless your friend is writing an essay on anything and everything to do with Internet marketing, I recommend avoiding high traffic forums in the beginning. There's way too much information which can make it very difficult to separate the valuable, from the nonsense.

    Remember, every new person entering into internet marketing is primed for programming. Even the smartest can begin their journey implementing strategies that came from someones bad advice. I've been there, and it can knock the stuffing out of you if you waste a lot of your time in the beginning only to have nothing to show for it.

    The fact is, there are a million and one ways to approach making money online, some are good and some are crap. You need to rise above the noise, search for someONE who has done it before you, replicate their strategies and keep your head down until you make it work.

    Pick one system to follow, pick 1 or 2 traffic generating strategies to implement, and focus solely on those until you see regular results, then move onto the next. Along the way you will inevitably learn a lot from the ACTION taking, and if you stick to that one system, you will begin to see results... providing you are following a PROVEN system. It's not rocket science this making money online thing, but it does take discipline to keep pushing forward, focusing on specific tasks and rising above the noise.

    just my 2 cents.
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      I would have to go with the 'direct him to WF' crowd as that is exactly how I learnt (and continue to learn) all about IM. I know it's been a successful method for many others too.

      Yes there is a lot of information here and it will take a certain level of discipline to remain focused, but it's not an impossible challenge.

      YouTube is another good place your friend could self-teach himself. Maybe he'd learn better visually...
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    Talk about an open ended question. Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing is so broad. Huge, actually. Buying a "product" might not be the right solution. Instead, ask him WHAT he likes to do, WHAT he already knows, WHAT his comfort zone is, and look for a TARGETED product or coaching service. You can't get the RIGHT product if you don't do some self-assessment first...
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    Hey, Arranrice.

    I actually have a free membership website that you can sign up for in my signature. The first course that I have launched is called Six Months Or Less, which is aimed at complete beginners. I spent a couple months on that video course, and it walks you through everything you need to setup an authority website and have it positioned correctly to earn for you within six months.

    I am still working out some minor kinks, but it should really help your friend to get started. I also have several more FREE video courses planned for the future. Check it out and let me know what you think. Good luck to you and your friend.

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    Too much info too fast can cause information overload in a rather short time. A good course will start at the beginning and hold your hand while you actually do each step in the proper order. In any case, tell your friend not to expect miracles overnight. This business, like any business, takes time to get off the starting blocks.
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    Ehh it took me a long while of reading guides to get where I am now.

    Read all the stickied guides on this forum and that should help you get somewhere.
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    send them to Affilorama.com he has a great free basic course that he can go through at his own pace. The affiloblueprint training program is one of the best if he decides to go for it.
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    The first thing your friend needs is a definition of what Internet Market is and what it requires. It makes no sense to tell someone where to go to learn something when they do not have any idea what it is they are trying to learn or even if it is something he/she may be really interested in or the amount of time and effort necessary to become a marketer.


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    Be careful with showing friends how to do internet marketing. I have one friend now who NEVER leaves me alone and also NEVER takes action.

    I told him a couple weeks back I'm done teaching him crap he will never use anyway. First thing you should realistically do is give your friend a simple homework assignment, see if he actually completes it, THEN decide if you want to help him further.

    But don't endlessly give him advice ESPECIALLY if you notice he's not using it. You will waste way too much of your own time.

    I'd do this personally.
    I'd help him pick a decent niche. Then I'd give him an assignment to set up the website on his own. Tell him he can call you anytime he has questions, but DO NOT do the site for him.

    Even on this forum when people pm me for help rather than give them tons of advice (and paralyze them) I give them a specific/small project to do. If they can't do it, I stop giving them advice. There was one female specifically who told me day after day she was 110% motivated to take action, even told me a personal story that she claimed had uniquely motivated her.. then the day I gave her a simple assigment she vanished and never come back to the forum again.

    Most people are just flakey like that.

    I only WISH someone had taught me this way. Learning how to persistently take massive action is probably the hardest thing to "learn" about marketing. So teach that first, teach the details later imo. Too many people want to daydream all day and just fantasize about making money. You need to avoid those people like the plague.

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    Tell him to get up and learn about IM the old fashion way. I'm assuming he's a lazy person who is unmotivated and doesn't want to do any work on his behalf...

    ...am i right?
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    I don't think there is one complete guide that will tell you everything that you need to know to understand how a website can make you money.

    One thing that I will share is that you need to learn on site SEO(this includes meta tags, meta descriptions, keywords in your content, etc), off-site SEO(mostly consists of link building, which you may want to get familiar with as well, but a few ideas include commenting on sites, guest posting,forum posting, link exchanges, etc) keeping great content on your site, focusing on the reader, because they are the most important part of a website, implement social media into your blog or website strategy(research social media dashboards. You can get a lot of fast traffic through this way)

    Slow and steady wins the race. Don't try to over-do it. Focus on great content at first and placing keywords in your content...not too many, but enough to get the search engines to notice you.(Too many keywords in a post is confusing and hard to read and may drive away potential return visitors)

    It would be nice to have a handbook that included everything that you needed to know about websites/blogging all in one book, and you CAN get these things in different places, but as far as I know you can't find anything that will include EVERYTHING.

    Remember this, what works for one person, may not work for you. You have to find what works best with the site you have and the visitors that are coming to your site.
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    Originally Posted by arranrice View Post

    I have a friend who is a complete newbie to internet marketing and they dont know anything. Ive tried explaining how things work but im finding it hard, can anybody suggest a product that can help them?

    My 1st suggestion is guide him to FREE products instead of paying for the begining. I've learned my lessons purchasing products that got me to nowhere.

    2nd suggestion is to make sure the product truly explain why things are done the certain way not just follow me.....

    3rd is, make sure the product has a solid reputation.

    It's nice of you to help out your friend.
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