HELP: Need Photography Storage Site w/ Individual Password Protected Pages & Photo Slideshows!

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I Need a Photography Storage Site w/ Individual Password Protected Pages For Each Customer That Features Photo Slideshows.

I'm building a site for a photographer where she needs password protected pages to feature her customers photographs so they can login and choose which photos to have made into prints. I used Wordpress so she can easily upload customers photos and add customer pages herself without having to know html or deal with software.

The problem is...

I just found out that the Wordpress password protection feature is extremely unreliable and often sends visitors to a "404 page not found." Through Google research, I see this has been an ongoing issue where it will work for awhile and then stop working because of a new WP update. It also has to do with which browser is being used and which version, etc. Obviously this won't work for me because I need something that is bulletproof reliable for her customers.

So here is what I need...

a) I need a RELIABLE website I can link to from her site where her customers can see all their photos as a SLIDESHOW so they can choose which photos they want her to make prints of.

b) This site must allow her (the photographer) to act as administrator so she can EASILY set up password protected pages for each individual customer.

c) This photo storage site must be free or cheap.

d) This site must be well established so we know it will be around for years.

Does anyone know of anything like this? Any tips will be greatly appreciated! :-)

Thank you.
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