Highest Paying Commission Products/Websites?

by lucass
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I know that on ClickBank some products offer a huge commission, even going as far as 75% on some. Amazon is great, however most of their commission is under 10%. I'm wondering what other products/website offer a big commission, something like 25% or more.

Another question I have is whether the high paying products, such as TV's, Laptops, Phones, Cameras, does anyone know the commission % on these kind of products?

Thanks for the replies
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    lucass I think you need to focus on $ instead of %. As far as the Tv's, laptops, etc you'll find that the % is going to be pretty low most of the time. But that doesn't mean that the dollar amount will be.

    I hope this helps.

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    Where the competition is high you will not be bale to earn a lot as your affiliate site will not be ranked by google though their affiliate % might be high....

    So focus on $$$$ not %
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    Most of the products you mentioned are sold through Amazon so you won't command a huge affiliate commission for them. Clickbank is the way to go for big payouts (up to 75%) but the products are not as expensive so you might only earn 15-30 dollar per sale.

    But the conversions on these type of products will be higher so you'll find it easier to make the initial sales. Personally I find Clickbank products easier to shift but maybe I'm biased or just not good at whole Amazon thing...
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    There are many high commission payouts to be found but you often won't find them in the more common networks and if you do they can be very competitive so you need to look elsewhere and you could start by searching for affiliate programs not listed in some of the big networks.

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