Should I take this job?

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No, I'm not serious. But, seriously?

This has to be the absolute pinnacle of irony that exists online today.

"Write article with title stop procrastiating and change your life" 1000 words, $6.

Refuse to work for less than a penny a word!

You are not stuck in jobs like these unless you let yourself be.

There are plenty of authoritative content sites that allow you to write for them in the same way the lower wage content mills do. All you do is sign up, find articles, ebooks, etc to write and cash in. (You can PM me for a recommendaton.)

They require original, quality work but that's what you want to create, right? Make use of the internet's best free writing resources. Polish your skills and become a better writer. You will be much happier with your compensation and often less stressed than working for next to nothing.

/rant over

Hope this helps someone!
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    Maybe the job should have been:

    "hire a person to write article with title stop procrastiating and change your life"


    Kevin Marshall
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    Doesn't hurt for someone to try, but yeah he is way underpaying... Maybe he is low on funds from buying low quality content?
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    One with skills could write such article in about 1-2 hours. 6$ for 2 hours is good income in third world countries. Think about it. You work 8 hours a day and get about 24 bucks. That is good income in India.
    Time of thinking is over.
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    You pay for what you get at the end of the day. If you think your content is worth paying on $6 for 1,000 words then god help you. There is always a tendency to cut corners and costs - it's a race to the bottom and the only thing that will suffer in the long term is your business. Sooner people realise that the better!
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