how's this for a plan?

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i've never created info products to sell or done internet marketing type stuff.

i plan to give it a go. below is my initial skeleton plan. is it sensible? any tips?

- i've chosen an area that i have expertise in

- i've registered a domain of my own name

- i'll put a squeeze page at the to get people's email addresses, offering something in return for them going on my list. that's all i plan to have at the homepage.

- i'll create a short ebook, to sell

- i'll create a sales page for the ebook at - there'll be no links from the sales page to the homepage

- i'll set up google ads linking to the sales page
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    The fact is that you should have made the domain name containing your main keywords, not your name. This would help on ranking better.
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      Originally Posted by imfusa View Post

      The fact is that you should have made the domain name containing your main keywords, not your name. This would help on ranking better.
      It'd be nice to do that, but if the website has relevant content on it then it will do just fine anyways. But hopefully the OP isn't even thinking of trying to rank organically, especially not with a site consisting solely of a squeeze page and a sales page :rolleyes:.
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    Your domain name is fine...

    1. That's his branding... it looks like this will be the first product of many.

    2. He is paying for traffic, so SEO should be an afterthought... first is maximizing conversion rates so he gets a good ROI.
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    i have a domain with related keywords that i can use instead.

    i was thinking my name might help give authority based on my knowledge.

    my name is not massively well known in the niche, but i have a couple of other web properties that demonstrate fairly extensive involvement in the industry. I could add links to the homepages of those websites in the homepage of ...?
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    Good stuff!

    Congratulations on taking action.

    Now, here are some crucial tips:

    1) Your Google ads should lead to a landing page that captures contacts, not to the sales page.

    The simple reason is that most people won't buy immediately so you'll need to create a relationship over time (this tip alone will save you tons of frustration)

    2) There is a way to build landing pages for Google that can get you into trouble. Without going into too much detail, you'll need to provide some useful content on the squeeze page. You should have your site banner and the basic navigation. So it's not your regular squeeze page.

    3) Google Ads is the fastest way to lose a lot of money - if you don't know how do it right. Educate yourself first and/or speak to an expert.

    4) You need to figure out what your market is hungry for. The fact that you're an expert is great.

    The thing is the market often has false beliefs about what they need. If you don't understand those first you'll not be able to connect with them. As a result, you won't make money.

    5) The reason why fake gurus make money is that experts ignore point 4) above.
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