a pdf or an epub or a different format?

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I'm going to set up a page template in wordpress for a sales page for people to buy and download an ebook.

should i create the ebook as a pdf or an epub or a different format?
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    thanks Fadiz.

    why is pdf best?
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    Hi Applegreen,

    You can checkout this http://www.warriorforum.com/articles...highlight=epub

    As far as this generation is concerned, with every second person owning a smart phone device, tablets, it is better to make your book available in electronic formats like ePub,Kindle etc.

    And converting them into all electronic formats are very easy these days as there are innumerable vendors providing this ePub conversion service.

    Let me know if you need any help w r t ePub conversion, will route you to my friend who does this!

    Hope it helps,
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    You should use all the three formats to sell your books online:
    -epub for sale in iBook Store (iTunes)
    -mobi for sale in Amazon Kindlr
    -and ofcourse PDF for sale in your website...
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    PDF is the most widely used format for a direct download book from a website. You can read it on PC or a MAC computer so it is universal.

    If you want to sell it as a download to an e-reader or smart phone then you will want to publish it to the Amazon Kindle Store and/or Nook Book Store on Barnes & Noble.
    You really don't need any more than that these days because both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have apps for the iPad and iPhone.
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    well i suggest create a pdf becoz this is the most common
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    Pdf is the most simple one to use. Most people can have it. Although I do agree you should put it in all electronic formats as well. The wider the audience the better. Also if you put it in iTunes and Amazon at one price if you have a blog you can give your subscribers a special discount as well. This might help drive some sales.

    Matthew Collinson
    Beaverton, OR

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    PDF is a more reliable format and it also is default document format at many websites where you would probably be publishing it.
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      I would just use them all. Even though PDF is the most commonly used one, there are still people that use others such as Epub.
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