Do You Submit Guest Posts? Read This: Advice from an Editor

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I have been getting a lot of guest post requests, and incoming visitors from a certain guest posting tool that is sold on the Warrior Forum. As a fellow marketer, I think this can be a great tool. But, may I give some advice to those soliciting guest posting opportunities?

I understand that there are a lot of websites our there that will publish just about anything. Mine is not one of them. I have a loyal following of readers, and I do not want to lose their trust. Any site worth working with will feel the same. So, here are some tips for getting your guest post published:

1.) Unique and High Quality Articles that Appeal to MY Readers -

Make sure that your article is not just some generic post on the same over-used topic. Make it something unique that my readers will love and make it very high quality. Study my website for a moment (not hard) And make sure it absolutely fits with my niche. If it doesn't, tailor it to fit. Find a unique angle if you have to, but make it fit.

2.) Link to Something Quality -

I won't link to just any website. The links in your article and bio also need to fit my niche and be relevant to my readers. Your links also need to match the article. Don't write an article about nutrition that links to a website about education. Not gonna fly.

3.) Include as much info as you can in your email -

From you email, I should be able to find out who you are, what website you are representing, what topics you are suggesting, what websites you will be linking to, and any other relevant info. If your email is vague, it's going to the ignore box. I am a busy marketer just like you. Make my job easy, and I'll make yours easy.

Also, include a name for your bio, a short bio, and a profile image if you want that included.


All of this makes the difference between getting completely ignored in my email inbox, to getting a reply within a day or two. I hope that helps some of you to see the other side of guest posting.
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