How many visitors per day one should drive to his webpage to start earning

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How many visitors per day one should drive to his webpage to start earning?

What is the difference between visitors and page view
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    That's depends on conversion. If your sales page converts 2%, you need 50 visitors to sell your product or your affiliate product. If on the other hand, you build sites for Adsense, you could make money from only 1 visitor, but you need many, many visitors to make real money.
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    Yeah there really isn't any answer here other than as many as it takes... It depends on the quality of traffic and where it's coming from.

    A good Google searcher with the proper keyword and a good affiliate program and you can make decent money on as little as 3-4 people per day but it all depends on so many factors.

    Also, if you're offering affiliate marketing tips and an ebook on how to make 437,000 online... you should probably find a few of these things out first
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    10,000 visitors per day means squat if they are not targeted.

    This is also a reminder for you to not fall into those programs that claim to bring hundreds of thousands of traffic within hours. The traffic they provide are usually junk and have no interest whatsoever with your offer.

    So, the answer to your question is that the quality determines your traffic conversions, not the quantity.
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