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I have a hobby website that just crossed 100,000 visitors today, woohoo! I'd like to see it ranking number one for the main keyword 'lee enfield', (google 75,000/mo)but I'm not sure what to do that would help, considering that a lot of the usual things have been done already. The other sites that rank number one in that spot seem to have little content yet rank high and I can't figure that out, any ideas much appreciated.
Its a bit monetized with some CB products but they never sell. My own ebook there sells one copy each day, which is nice. There seems to be a dearth of affiliate stuff that would suit non hunting rifle enthusiasts.
Thanks, BR 88
The Lee Enfield Rifle
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    That is a major achievement. Congratulations and I wish that I was in you shoes.
    Have you started a mailing list for the site yet?
    That might be an excellent way to monetize.
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    Its a nice website and a unique niche ,congratulations those figures are enviable
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    Very unique niche and you can get less competition if you optimize the keywords and other related keywords....
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    Have you considered creating a product and selling it through Clickbank?

    I think you have an excellent site there, but it is being under-utilized, by a mile. There is so much potential there!

    Do let me know if you need some more advice, but I think this is the first step forward. Then you need to create and monetize a list.
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    Achieving these kind of traffic figures allows you to create a hot report on how you managed to do this.

    This would be much sought after hre at the W.F. and you would be contributing highly by just showing others how you have created such high volumes of traffic.

    You have proof that it can be done so share it!

    Hope this gives you some food for thought Blade Runner

    All the best & have a great day!!!
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    Its simply an awesome blog. But Don't really get it where is the CB products? and your own Ebook?
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      Originally Posted by marketwarrior06 View Post

      Its simply an awesome blog. But Don't really get it where is the CB products? and your own Ebook?
      Thank you, and I take a hint there, whether you intended it or not, lol, if you couldn't see my CB products or my ebook, then probably potential customers miss seeing them too. Thanks for that heads up...
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    Fantastic blog and a unique area. You should advertise your ebook and other products, banners opt in forms etc, make it a bit more eye catching . As CBTalker mentioned have you started an email list and are you using AWeber?
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    The quality posts in this forum get better every day eh?

    Anyway, congrats on the number.

    You're in a tough spot. Your in a very targeted niche and it doesn't give you much wiggle room. I like the idea of selling your own ebook, but the problem is what could you possibly sell that would interest someone coming to your site to learn about that rifle?

    The site could use a clean up and a redesign to better showcase your ad / ebook pitch. Although I don't know how well an ebook will really do when I think your best scenario here is to sell ad space to gun sellers. You should get in contact with the top online gun stores that carry that rifle and ask them if they would be willing to buy ad space from you.

    You might be able to get a couple hundred dollars a month doing that and let it sit on autopilot. You can still sell your ebook on the side as well.
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    Here's my take:

    1- I'm a little overwhelmed by the amount of links and videos on the homepage... but you don't want to do anything that would mess with your ranking. I would leave the bottom half and work on making the area "above the fold" easier on the eyes.

    Your sub-pages are also in need of a clean up - your design should lead the eyes to the action you want from the user. Right now I don't know where I should be looking.

    2- As other suggested, start making an email list. Maybe give something away like a field manual on the rifle or even rifle case to get those addys?

    3- I see the ebay page for your keywords is #3 on google - I would insert myself all over those listings! Sell an ebook, or any old parts you can sell - anything to get a listing and lead people to your site.

    That's all I have for now - good job and good luck taking it to the next level!
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