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Hi Everyone,

Quick question...

I have a site, which I need a username and password to enter the admin area, the site / admin area were created using PHP,

I have forgotten the logging details (

Is there any way to find out my password on my site, surely it has to check with something,


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    Are you hosting it with a company or yourself.

    They may be able to help you.

    Alternatively search on google for some tips.

    You haven't really explained enough about your problem.
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    Can I suggest storing all this sort of info somewhere safe? I use - because I've been where you are far too often... Hope you work it out!
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    I'm no expert Darren, but have you had a look in phpMyAdmin? I'd suggest
    thats your first port of call, or depending on what you were using (Was it a
    you could possibly search on Google for similar articles that may aid
    you a little?

    But yeah, try having a look in the users table of the database in phpMyAdmin!

    On or @markmcwilliams you'll find me!
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