Directory submission... is it worth our time?

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Although directory submissions used to be a key component to ranking high (dmoz)ect.. it now doesn't even seem to be worth the time...

All the directories want a reciprocal link back to them and you have to wait months to get your site added... or worse.. ignored totally.

However on the plus side... once your site is up you get a backlink and also a flow of traffic and you pretty much only have to do this work once.. as once the link is up... its up!

I have some questions... Is it worth it?

1) Do you really get good link juice from lets say 10 PR4 directory sites in your niche?

2) From 100 directories (mainly the top popular ones) would you gain much traffic per day?

3) Would you launch a site and not do any directory submissions at all... or do you have a high ranking site with little or no directory submissions? proving that this is a dead end road im about to venture on.
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