CASE STUDY: Starting a Theme Selling Business From ZERO

by 3dy
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I have been working in the web design business for 2 years now, and just recently switched to it full-time.

I am right now more interested in creating and selling digital products (in this case HTML and WordPress themes) than doing client work.

I will make public my process, my goals, and everything else that I feel will have an impact in the number of sales I receive.

Theme #1
I'm working right now on an all-purpose theme, which has a name that I won't share with you just yet. When I'm done designing, I will first submit the PSD to ThemeForest and, if it's accepted, I will move onto creating the HTML version of it, and then the WordPress one.

Goals with this theme:
Earn $500 from it (sum of the sales for the PSD, HTML, and WP versions). Which is indeed very low but right now I'll settle for it.
Make a mailing list of 100 people interested in website themes.
Learn how to make a high quality and easily customizable HTML and WP theme, regardless of how much time it takes me to reach this level.
Apply some creative marketing tactics in order to boost sales, which I will share with you in this thread.
Get used to the Take No Days Off approach, which means that social life and any other distractor / time-waster are off, and the entire day is spent exclusively working on my business. Also, the day ends when I crash, and the TNDO period ends when I reach my goal.

Follow me in this journey!

I'm not writing this thread for myself. I mean, I kind of do, since hopefully some of you will get interested in my themes, but that's not the idea.

I'm writing this for anyone trying to start a product-selling business from absolute scratch. So if you want to know what I'm going through, follow me:
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Hopefully you'll find this stuff useful. If you have any questions, ask away.
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    congrats, i am going to sign up your twitter... looking forward to your designs..
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    Best of luck. Don't forget to update this thread from time to time.
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    Some good looking designs in your portfolio. Best of luck!
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